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Bay Window vs. Garden Window 


Windows are definitely one of the most important parts of the house. It helps the air of the house to circulate and let the warm rays of the sun to come in. It also protects us from the rain and storms when needed. Besides these, they are responsible for the aesthetic beauty of the house and providing us with a great view. So, choosing the right type of window is very important. There are two most popular and aesthetically beautiful window styles. These are bay window and garden window. If you want to know which one is the best, here is a complete analysis of bay window vs garden window.

Bay Window vs. Garden Window 

So, bay window vs. garden window — what’s the difference? Bay windows are generally center fixed windows where has garden windows are typically casement windows.

What Are Bay Windows and Garden Windows?

Bay windows are generally the center fixed windows with venting windows on either side of it. It can be a casement window as well as a double-hung window. Due to their shape and size, it can easily create seats on the windows. Thus, it can be a great place where you can sit and simply relax or read books.

On the other hand, garden windows are typically the casement windows. The end of this windows vents for a complete unobstructed view. This can add more light the space and make it feel quite large. It can turn any dead space or are in your room into a beautiful aesthetic corner. This can be a safe place for your plants too, but require special installation

Benefits of Both Window Styles 

Both the bay windows and garden windows can add character to your rooms. If you are looking to choose the best window that can bring more light to your living space or the dining area making it cozy and comfortable, then the bay window is perfect. The natural light entering through this window make the space appear much larger in size. It is really amazing to see how little light can bring a huge change to a space. The bay window style can add to the curb appeal of your interior as well as the exterior of the house through special frames and customization of the window. Since these windows are projected outwards, it can give your house an architectural character.

On the other hand, if you want to bring nature indoors and remain close to it, then the garden windows are best for you. The garden windows can help you increase the ventilation of your room while making it aesthetically beautiful with the small garden. This is ideal for the ones who love plants and want some beautiful plants to be planted inside. The garden windows too increase the curb appeal of your home but from inside only.


This article went over some helpful information about bay window vs garden window. Choosing the right window type is completely up to you and your choices. If you want to make the space much more lighted and appear bigger, then bay window is the best. But if you want to keep the nature closer to you and have some beautiful plants in the room, then garden window is the right choice. Both of them are aesthetically appealing and help in proper ventilation. Once you’ve chosen the window that you’re going to opt for, be sure to prepare for window installation accordingly.