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Benefits of Shutters vs Blinds


Homeowners who are new and established alike often wonder what features are best for their living space and lifestyles. Whether it is time for an upgrade or a home is being built from the ground up, details like window characteristics are often overlooked. Knowing the benefits of shutters vs blinds will help a homeowner decide on which is best for them.

Benefits of Shutters vs Blinds


When designing the interior of your new home, it is important to decide what your window treatments will be. The purpose of each type of window covering is to be able to let in as much sunlight in or out as desired by the resident. However, aesthetic stylings and functions do vary.


What’s the difference?


Shutters are horizontal slats of wood, vinyl or plastic that are connected to a vertical rod that is used to change the direction or amount of sunlight coming into the room. This kind of window feature is stationary as the blinds don’t move it’s position higher or lower on the window. The slats stay in place with the ability to rotate in order to let in more or less sunlight and privacy.


Blinds are also a hard window cover with slats that have been made from many different materials including aluminum and bamboo. Blinds can be moved up and down clearing the whole window to bring in optimal sunlight or covering it completely.


What are the benefits?



Benefits of Shutters include having the greatest amount of privacy as it covers much more and does not allow for complete clearance of the windows view. Because shutter slats are usually made thicker than blinds, warmth and light from the sun can be blocked out, keeping the room in your living space cool and dim.


Shutters add to the home value in the long run as they are the most aesthetically pleasing and easiest to use in the eyes of homeowners in comparison to any other window covering style. Shutters often times come with a lock to prevent them from swinging open. This adds extra protection in case the window glass becomes unlocked or tampered with.



Blinds have some advantages, and that includes installation. Not only are blinds one of the most affordable windows covering options, but blinds can also be customized in many different styles, patterns and material to complete the look of your home and to match your lifestyle.


If there happens to be kids or pets in the home, it is possible to install cordless blinds or even remote controlled blinds to alleviate any risks of accidentally breaking the fixture.


Having blinds installed will also allow a homeowner to fully uncover the window with just a tug on the string instead of swinging open a shutter door when there needs to be more sunlight or air let in.


If you are interested in installing new blinds in your families home or are looking at options for what aesthetic you’d like in your newly built home, consider these facts about the benefits of shutters vs blinds. Each one has a different appearance and can benefit different lifestyles if you have kids, pets or are an avid entertainer.