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Best Flooring for Kitchen and Bath


Remodeling your home or going through construction details for a newly built property gives you the chance to think of the best choices for each room when it comes to flooring. Not every room should have the same flooring because each room has its own environment and humidity. Before you make a choice, make sure understand what the best flooring for kitchen and bath areas are. Because the bathroom and kitchens are more likely to be exposed to steam or water spills, the material your flooring is made of is important it’s longevity and the appearance of your home.

Best Flooring for Kitchen and Bath

Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

Luxury vinyl flooring gives you the beauty and feel of popular flooring options without breaking the bank or worrying about moisture and water absorption. The best flooring for your bathroom or kitchen that can get you the natural, gorgeous stone look with a more affordable price would be the luxury vinyl tile. Natural stone stays wet longer when it comes in contact with water. So unless you plan on using a really absorbent bath mat outside of your shower, you may want to go the luxury vinyl route. Luxury vinyl plank flooring gives that hardwood floor finish that you love so much dearly in natural wood floors while also being water resistant.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Another option for a natural stone look that will live up against moisture and humidity is ceramic tile flooring. Some bathroom designs have ceramic tile in not just the flooring but in the shower walls as well to give an opulent, uniform look throughout the bathroom. However, be aware that glazed ceramic tiles are too slick to walk on when wet unless the tiles are small enough that the grout will give you some grip. In the same likeness as ceramic, porcelain tiles are heavy duty and moisture resistant. Porcelain tiles do have an additional advantage if you want heated floors in your home, as they are great for retaining warmth. Both are favored over hardwood when remodeling a kitchen.

Sheet Vinyl FlooringBest Flooring for Kitchen and Bath

If you are going for something really cost effective, an option for you is sheet vinyl. Sheet vinyl can be custom made to look like any stone or wood you prefer without the crevices of individual pieces. The flooring being on flat sheet allows for easier cleaning, since there is no grout spaces in between tiles and planks.

Flooring Options to Avoid

It is best to stay away from natural wood, as it can warp when it gets wet from bathroom humidity or from spills in the kitchen. Any natural stone that is slick like marble or any glazed tiles should also be avoided as they can be a danger for slipping and falling in wet conditions.

Under no circumstance should there be carpet anywhere near your toilet, shower, sink or refrigerator. When carpet and water build up meet, there is a high chance of mildew and mold to form. Carpet is the most unsanitary for the bathroom for this reason.

Bottom Line

Choosing new flooring for your bathroom and kitchen can be an exciting update to your home. However, choosing the BEST flooring for kitchen and bath will take some research and communication with a flooring expert. It’s important to choose a flooring for your bathrooms and kitchen that is resistant to water, so you can avoid water damage.