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Best Time of Year to Replace Windows 


Spring is the new beginning to the year and many people want to have a fresh start. Many homeowners find spring as the best time of year to replace windows. After a certain point of time, your windows start to lose their efficiency. Due to continuous exposure to the sun’s heat, snow, storm and rain water, they can get cracked and often warp. Hence, replacing the windows is extremely essential to ensure that your house is safe, beautiful and also energy efficient in nature. 

Best Time of Year to ReplaceBest Time of Year to Replace Windows Windows 

What’s the best time of year to replace windows? It is usually in the spring since you won’t have to deal with scorching hot weather in the summer and the cold wintery drafts.

When to Replace Windows?

Do you get cold drafts of wind in the winter or hot winds in summer even when your windows are closed? It is because of the inefficiency of the windows and maybe even the window frames. This means you have to replace it soon or else your energy bill will increase day by day. 

Since the spring has already arrived, summer will come soon. You will not want to get a hot scorching heat wave into your house throughout the summer. If you have already determined that you have to replace the windows, then it is better to do it as soon as possible. You can call a professional consultant to help you in evaluating the options to consider. You can also get estimation for the type of windows your choice to install in your house

Best Season for Replacing the Windows

Spring Season: It is the best idea to replace the windows with new ones that you’ve chosen when the weather is warmer outside, but not too hot. It comes with several benefits. If you are replacing the windows, then it is better to do it during the spring as the weather outside is more comfortable to be in. You will also not get unwanted cold or hot drafts into your house while the replacement work is at progress. 

Fall Season: Though it is better not to install or replace the windows in the colder months, you can still do it in the fall season. While you can have the issue like cold air coming in through the windows, it is better to prepare your home for the colder winter season. If your window is completely broken or warped, it is better to replace it in the fall season. Otherwise, the chances are higher that you will face colder drafts in the winter months. Replacing the windows will shut off the cold winds completely from entering into the home.


So, the best time of year to replace windows is always spring; whether you’re changing your windows in the kitchen, bay windows or more. Springtime has the most pleasant weather and keeping your windows open by this time will not be an issue. It is better than fixing or replacing the windows in the summer. You need to make sure that the heat waves do not enter into your house as it can mess up with the indoor temperature. Regardless of when you choose to replace your windows, be sure to prepare your home properly for the installation