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Best Window Treatments For Living Room


We spend plenty of time in the living room. And when it comes to choosing window treatments for your living room, it helps to consider your lifestyle. Do you like to host casual game nights and dinner parties with friends? Is the living room where you like to watch TV? Read? Is energy efficiency or light control a concern? Whatever you need, you can always find window treatments that are as functional as they are fashionable. Here are a few tips on the best window treatments for living room.

Best Window Treatments For Living Room

This post outlines the various types of window treatments, what they have to offer, and the benefits they hold.. Understanding the different window treatments makes it easier to select the best window treatments for your living room.

Cellular ShadesBest Window Treatments For Living Room

Cellular shades are perfect if energy efficiency is a top priority. They help to reduce energy consumption and help you to stay comfortable all year long. The great thing about cellular shades is that they come in a wide range of opacities, textures, patterns, colors and pleat sizes, which means they can work well with any living room décor. Consider combining two fabrics of the same shade for more light control.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are soft and elegant. They offer a clean-lined and modern alternative to traditional full-length draperies. They’re also a great way to add some visual interest in living rooms with lots of neutrals and whites. Roman shades often feature luxurious textures and colors in a wide range of fold sizes and styles.

Solar Shades

UV rays can fade and damage your fabrics, artwork, and carpet. They can also dry out and bleach your wooden furniture and hardwood floors, breaking down the paint or finishes and joint sealants. This is where solar shades come in handy. In addition to offering excellent UV protection, they also come in a wide range of opacities and gorgeous fabrics.

Wood BlindsBest Window Treatments For Living Room

Many people love to install wooden blinds in the living rooms because they’re versatile and work well with any decor, from modern to traditional. The best part is that you can create custom living room blinds with a wide selection of decorative tapes, slat sizes and finishes to complement the other elements in your room.


Window shutters are popular because they offer the enduring beauty of rich hardwood. A major benefit of shutters is that they’re just as gorgeous from the outside of your windows as they are from the inside. Moreover, they’re also very durable, providing great energy efficiency and sound absorption. They’re ideal for hot climates and come in a wide array of options ranging from real wood to hybrid shutters.

Bottom Line

These are some of the best window treatments for living room. While you have the option to choose between shutters, blinds and shades, there’s no need to feel like you’re limited to just one window treatment. For instance, you can combine draperies with shades or blinds to add layers of texture. There is also a wide variety of coordinating fabrics, decorative tapes and top and bottom treatments that can work well for your living room.