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Each of our services begins with a 1 hour Redesign Your Décor Initial Consultation in your home. In the Initial Consultation we discuss your decorating wants vs. needs, your personal style, and develop a decorating plan with a timeline. Initial Consultations cost $150 and last about an hour.

Full Service Clients: Full service Interior Design begins with Initial Consultation to learn about you and your dream room. At the 2nd consultation a beautiful mood board is presented with a floor plan so you visually see how your room is going to come together. Prices for the room are quoted at that time. Once the design plan and spending plan is approved, we take care of every detail including sourcing, shopping, project management, installation, and styling to bring your dream to a reality. Our team provides first class service with great attention to detail…you deserve nothing less!

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(DIY) Do-It-Yourself Clients:

Option 1 - Design Coaching Session

This coaching is for the person who likes to do DIY projects like painting furniture or sewing, but needs guidance for starting their room.

A hand-selected PHX I.D. professional will guide you in project planning, creative ideas, and guidance to help decrease decorating anxiety! It starts with an Initial Consultation to determine your room’s budget, decorating style, and project plan. At your 2nd appointment begins your Coaching session (3 hour minimum per room is required which can be split into 2 1½ hour sessions). During this session(s) you are guided to develop a floor plan, start "Your Decor Notebook" (provided free with great tools), and brainstorm ideas for how you can put the WOW factor in your room with your DIY projects. After this Coaching you will have the confidence and the tools to start your room and create your own Mood Board! This is a small investment to keep your project organized, on budget, "designer creative", and finished in a timely manner. Design Coaching is $150 for the Initial Consultation and $450 for 3 hours (minimum) of Coaching. Additional hours can be purchased for $150 per hour.

Option 2 - Your Decor Mood Board

This Coaching is perfect for the DIY shopper who needs a creative vision for the room.

Redesign Your Décor creates an electronic mood board based on your style and needs for the room. Your detailed plan has a floor plan, fabric, furniture, accessories, and paint samples all to guide you through your shopping trips. A unique look just for you with tips and suggestions to add that designer touch to your room. With a mood board your room project is easy to implement...it's all about the planning! Mood Boards start with an Initial Consultation in the home for $150 or a phone consultation for clients outside the Phoenix Metropolitan area for $75. Mood Boards start at $750 per room. Pricing is based on the size and difficulty of the room and will be quoted in the Initial Consultation. Click here to see an example of a Your Decor Mood Board.

Option 3 - Your Décor Styling

This Coaching session is for the client who has done all the shopping, but no sure how to arrange everything and give it that "designer touch". Some call this Home Staging to Live or Room Redesigns.

Our designers style your room with the furniture and accessories you purchased. We style your bookcases, arrange the furniture, create vignettes on tables, and hang your artwork. Click here to see Our Room Styling/Redesigns that have been featured on the News & Magazines across Scottsdale & Phoenix, Arizona

Other Services

Your Décor Move-In Decorating

Move in on Monday and have a Housewarming Party on Friday! We work with your movers to place all your furniture expertly according the traffic flow of the room and functional needs. Your home accessories are unpacked and arranged with a designer touch. Artwork is professionally hung and you are ready to entertain! Moving has never been this easy. Move-In Decorating starts with an Initial Consultation and prices are quoted according to square footage and difficulty.

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