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Do Double Pane Windows Increase Home Value? – Worth the Investment?


It is true that double pane windows save energy and money. That is not in doubt. But do double pane windows increase home value? That is the question a lot of homeowners are asking. You could be too asking the same question before you spend your money on them. Well, double pane windows come with a lot of benefits to your home, and they actually add value to it. 

Do Double Pane Windows Increase Home Value

Do Double Pane Windows Increase Home Value

Do Double Pane Windows Increase Home Value?

If before you try out double pane windows you would like to know their good and bad sides, this post has it all laid down. It will tell you the perks, downsides, and cost of installing double window panes. Before making any decision when choosing new windows for your home or windows for a new construction home, read this to the end. 

Pros for Double Pane Windows

Are you looking to make your contribution to stop the tide of climate change? Double pane windows can be one way to do it. They help you save energy consumption and significantly cut down on your energy bill. To give you a bigger picture of what you are walking into, here are the pros for these panes and the benefits of new windows in general:

  • Energy saving: With these types of window panes, you can reduce your energy consumption by margins of between 30 and 50%. You can use modern energy saving appliances alongside these products and that is why every home should think in these lines. 
  • Significant reduction in noise: If you live in a noisy neighborhood, then double pane windows will come to your help. They cut down noise levels to almost inaudible levels. When your neighbor holds a loud party, you can sleep all night without any noise. 
  • You save money: With better insulation, you will not need to run your fans all the time. That saves you money because you will spend less on energy consumption. 
  • You are helping the environment: It is not only about saving money, but also saving the environment. With less use of fossil fuels and drop in energy consumption, the environment takes a break and that is good for us all. 

Cons for Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows do not come with any adverse cons, but there are issues relating to quality and installation. Here is what you should be aware of:

  • You should insist on the quality of panes: Low quality products will compromise the energy saving edge and you will have spent for nothing. Of course, top quality window panes are not cheap.
  • You have to invest in multiple panes: You cannot just buy one of these products and expect to get all the benefits of all of the parts of a window. You have to install them in large scale and that means spending a lot. 

Average Costs

You should put your eyes on quality panes when choosing amongst the different types of window frames. Cheap is always expensive and you do not want to keep buying panes every season. Expect to spend a reasonable amount to get quality and value. 

Bottom Line

Do double pane windows increase home value? Yes they do, but you have to get the right quality and the installation to be done properly. That is not all you get; you will also save energy and make your home friendlier to the environment.