Dog Nails Scratching Wood Floors – Avoid Irreversible Damage

One of the things that hardwood floor owners have to worry about is pet claws. As the little puppies run around the home playing tug of war with toys, you may end up dealing with dog nails scratching wood floors. Pet scratches wear off the shine from the wooden floor, and sometimes the scratches can get in too deep when the dogs slip on the floors.

Hardwood floors increase the beauty and overall value of a home. Even though you might love your dog, don’t you hate it when they scratch your beautiful wooden floor? The floor needs to be kept in good condition to preserve its shine. You also need to train or trim your dog’s claws to protect your wood floors from unsightly nails.

Dog Nails Scratching Wood Floors

Cleaning and Coating

Keep your wood floors clean, particularly near doorways and where the puppies like to play. Dirt on your hardwood floor could cause additional scratches when your dog runs on the floor. Even though hardwood floors have a coating that shields them from wear and tear, it will hardly sustain repetitive claw action. To be on the safe side, you need to regularly re-apply the coating. Find out which product to use from your hardwood floor manufacturer.

Canine Claw TrimmingDog Nails Scratching Wood Floors

Long canine nails can be a nightmare for your hardwood floors. If you don’t trim your dog’s nails, they can rapidly grow into dangerous claws in a few weeks. If you hear clicking sounds when the dog walks on your wooden floor that would mean that it is time to trim your dog’s nails. This procedure requires you to be cautious; don’t cut them too short or you will damage the sensitive part of the nails that contain blood vessels.

Wax the Floor

Applying a layer of wax on your hardwood floor can help to protect it from pet scratches. Wax acts as a buffer zone between the claws and the wooden floor, helping to make it scratch resistant. You can also use industrial-grade wax to fill the deep gorges caused pet claws.

Walk the Dog

Regularly walking the dog on a concrete pavement can help to trim their nails naturally. Routine exercise also helps to reduce playfulness when they are home.

Bottom Line

To protect your home from dog nails scratching wood floors, you need to regularly take care of your flooring. You’ll need to clean and re-apply coating, and wax the floor. For your dog, be sure to trim their nails, and take them out for walks so they aren’t as hyper indoors.