How to Revive Old Carpet | Restoring Carpet Fibers & Feel

It’s important to protect your carpet, which is why you should know how to revive old carpet. With just a few tricks, you can repair your old carpet.

How to Revive Old Carpet

Over time, your carpet will succumb to dirt, spills and other things that may make it look old and due for replacement. However, knowing how to revive old carpet can help you to avoid having to replace your carpet before it has served its useful life. With a little time and effort, you can salvage your old carpet and give it a new look. Follow these steps to refresh a carpet that has seen better days.

How to Revive Old Carpet

Most old carpeting can look new if cleaned properly. Reviving your old carpet can make it look new again without breaking the bank. Here are some steps to help get you started no matter what type of carpet you have.

  • Step 1

Remove all furniture and fittings from the room so you can easily access all areas of the carpet. This will also help you establish how badly worn, stained or old your carpet is and whether or not it’s salvageable.

  • Step 2

Get rid of any loose dirt, dust and debris by vacuuming the carpet thoroughly. Work in small sections, so you don’t leave out any portions of the carpet.

  • Step 3

Prepare a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar. Then with a clean sponge or cloth, use the solution to pretreat most food and pet stains.

  • Step 4

Remove any fresh ink, oil or grease by blotting them up with paper towels or get rid of hardened grease with a dull plastic utensil or tool. Cover the stain with baby powder or cornstarch, and give it about three to four hours so it sets in before vacuuming. If there’s any residual stain, treat it with a solution of equal parts hot water and vinegar.

  • Step 5

You can conceal burnt areas by cutting away some fibers from different sections of unnoticeable regions of the carpet. Dab some glue into the burnt hole and fill it with the carpet fibers you’ve cut. Wait for a couple of hours for the glue to dry before trimming away any fibers that are sticking up too high.

  • Step 6

Brighten a faded carpet or rug by rubbing it down with a towel or cloth that has been soaked in salt water then wrung out.

  • Step 7

Use a steam cleaner for some deep cleaning. If you don’t own a steam cleaner, you can always rent one from your local grocery or home improvement store. Steam cleaning uses hot water extraction method to thoroughly and effectively clean dirty carpets and rugs. A steam cleaner will often remove stains you never thought would get out, leaving your carpet looking impressively cleaner. Be sure to use the steam cleaner as directed and follow manufacturer instructions to guarantee the best results.

  • Step 8

Eliminate bad odors by sprinkling some baking soda to the dry carpet and letting it sit overnight. Baking soda works by drawing and absorbing lingering odors from your carpet. Once you’ve gotten rid of bad odors, vacuum the carpet in the morning, and it should be free from any unwanted smells.


  1. What are some methods to revive old carpet?

Vacuuming, steam cleaning, and spot treatment can help revive the appearance of old carpet.

  1. Can I use DIY solutions to revive old carpet?

Yes, there are various DIY solutions available, such as using baking soda or vinegar to freshen the carpet.

  1. How often should I revive my old carpet?

It depends on the condition of your carpet and the amount of foot traffic it receives. Reviving it every 6-12 months is generally recommended.

  1. Is professional carpet cleaning necessary to revive old carpet?

Professional carpet cleaning can provide deep cleaning and restoration for heavily soiled or stained carpets, but it may not be necessary for all situations. DIY methods can often yield satisfactory results.

Reviving Old Carpet

It’s important to protect your carpet, which is why you should know how to revive old carpet. With just a few tricks, you can repair your old carpet and give it a new lease of life. It may take some time and effort, but making your old carpet look new again is well worth the sacrifice.