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What Changes Can You Make to Improve Energy Efficiency in your House?

Updates to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

With rising energy costs, people are looking to cut costs as much as possible. Depending on the age of your home, it can be energy efficient or a big energy consumer. Let’s take a look at the updates to make your home more energy efficient.

New Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are what keep the outside elements outside. Some windows and doors do the job better than others. One of the major problems with older homes is that they have single-pane glass or thin quality glass. This allows for heat and cold air to penetrate into the house at a faster rate. Outside noises are also more audible with these types of glass. Buying windows and doors that are labeled energy efficient would reduce the amount of heat and cold air coming through the glass. Since energy efficient windows are usually double-pane or at least a high quality glass, noise levels from the outside will be reduced.

Good Quality Blinds and Curtains

Especially in rooms with poor quality windows and doors, or rooms that receive a lot of sunlight, good quality curtains and blinds will keep the outside elements out, thus reducing your energy bill. When there is full sun, closing these curtains will drastically change the room’s temperature. When you are gone for the day consider closing the curtains so that you can run with little to no heat or air.

Replace any Old Appliances and Air Conditioners

Appliances and HVAC systems are big energy consumers, especially the older ones. Choose appliances and HVAC systems that are labeled for energy efficiency. Consider unplugging the appliance if possible, when not in use. Although the appliance may not be in use, there is still a small amount of electricity that is “leaking” out while being plugged in.. Replacing the old appliances and unplugging any that are not in use, will keep your home safe from common electrical hazards while you are gone.

Energy Efficient Home Upgrades

Install Ceiling Fans and Attic Fans

Installing ceiling fans reduces the amount of air conditioning you will need to run. Although ceiling fans do use electricity, it is significantly less than running the AC for the entire house. Attic fans reduce the amount of heat trapped in your attic that is heating the rest of the home. Ceiling and attic fans are affordable and need little to no maintenance.


Installing solar is another great way to be energy efficient. Although it can be pricey it will reduce your electric bill in the long run. Solar panels have the best output when in full sun, so make sure the panels are positioned in a way where this can be accomplished. Solar panels still work when it is cloudy, but not as well though. Nevertheless, solar is still a great energy efficient investment.

Improve House Energy Efficiency

Seal All Cracks

Having any type of crack will allow the outside air to flow into your home. Also, all the air or heat in your home will be running out of these cracks, increasing the amount of heat and air usage. Make sure all cracks and crevices, such as in window and door trim, are all sealed to prevent energy waste.

Insulate All Walls and the Attic

Installation goes a long way in homes. Not only does it help regulate the temperature, it also serves as a noise barrier between walls. Many older homes are not properly insulated, so have poor temperature regulation.

Home Energy Efficient Upgrades

Turn Off or Reduce Heat/Air When Not at Home

Although this is not an updater, there is no point in keeping the heat or air running on while you are not home, especially for extended periods of time such as the whole day or when you are out of town. Of course in extreme temperatures consider turning down the unit to a still somewhat comfortable level. Many HVAC systems have the option of timing when the unit goes on and off and you can even control it while you are gone. This is a great option that will help reduce your electric bill.

Plant Your Lawn

Although many people choose not to plant on the basis of using too much water, planting is still beneficial. Planting shady trees will reduce the temperature in your home and will make sitting outside in the summer more comfortable, so you can turn your AC off. There are many low water plant options. Also keeping a lawn and growing plants will reduce the amount of dust in circulation, reducing the amount of dirt tracked into your home.

So, Worth It Home Upgrades

These are just a few updates and ways to make your home more energy efficient. Having an energy efficient home will not only save you money in the long run, but it will also increase the value of your home. Your home will last longer due to all the updates and increased quality.