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Fall Home Improvement Tips


Before winter hits, you may be looking to finish your fall home checklist and stay ahead of the cold. Fall is the perfect time to complete those home improvement projects you’ve been planning the whole year. You’re free from inclement weather and you can go ahead with your project with little to no interruptions from mother nature. Here are a few fall home improvement tips to bear in mind.

Fall Home Improvement Tips

This post highlights a few home improvement project tips for the fall. We discuss everything from having your roof repaired or replaced to winterizing your lawn by cutting and aerating.

  • Call a Pro to Repair or Replace Your RoofFall Home Improvement Tips

It goes without saying that winter is not the most ideal time to work on your roof. Besides the snow creating a slipping hazard, asphalt shingles cannot be installed at temperatures lower than 40 and higher than 85 degrees, otherwise they’ll break apart. So, if your roof is due for repairs, add calling your roofer to your home improvement checklist.

  • Clean and Seal Your Deck

Another critical fall home project idea you should tick off your checklist is to get your deck ready for spring by performing safety checks on your deck. Walking around the deck and sprinkling some water on different areas of the deck should do the trick. If the water soaks into the boards then you need to reseal the deck. A deck that repels water is safe for winter.

  • Winterize Your Driveway and Sidewalks

Most people rarely give their driveway a second thought when winterizing their home. However, snow, salt and ice can take a toll on asphalt and concrete surfaces. Here are a few DIY ideas for winterizing your driveway:

  1. Repair Cracks
  2. Pull Weeds
  3. Clean the Seal Surface
  4. Seal Expansion Joints
  • Clean and Inspect Your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace, then cleaning your chimney is a critical task you can’t afford to ignore. If you haven’t inspected or cleaned your chimney in the past year, then the best time to do it is before the heating season. Find a chimney professional and have your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleared to avoid destroying the chimney or even setting your home on fire.

  • Cut and Aerate Your Lawn

It’s crucial to give your lawn some care one more time so it has an easy time bouncing back come April. Here are a few lawn maintenance tasks you should add to your checklist.

  1. Make one Final Cut
  2. Use a Good Pre-emergent
  3. Aerate
  4. Apply Lawn Winterizer
  • Clean and Repair Your Gutters and Downspouts

Clean and repair your gutters in the fall and you’ll be avoiding ice dams during winter. To clean your gutters, get rid of any twigs, leaves and other debris that’s preventing water from draining properly. Then flush the gutters with some water, tighten any brackets and inspect the joints. 

Bottom Line

While it’s easy to get caught up in the holiday mood, spare a little time to prepare for winter with these fall home improvement tips. No matter what home renovation budget you have, it’s important to keep your home ready to handle the winter. Doing so will help to keep your family warm and dry during the coldest nights and save plenty in winter weather repairs.