Garage Tool Organization Ideas

What are some cool garage tool organization ideas and which ones are suited for you? There are plenty of garage organizing systems out there, but certain lifestyles call for specific organization systems that could or couldn’t work anywhere else – it pretty much depends on what you want and what you’re looking for. Some prefer to hire professionals and make custom garage organization closets, for example, but others prefer organization ideas for DIY systems on a budget. Again, it depends, but whatever your style and needs, it’s always nifty to have some garage organization tips and tricks at hand in order to optimize the process.

Garage Tool Organization Ideas

Our article not only will present you with some cool garage tool organization ideas, but also some garage organization tips and tricks to make the best out of your space! You won’t need to hire a professional to do the heavy work for you: with our recommendations: you’ll actually achieve mostly anything on your own with our recommendations!

First Steps

Before deciding anything, empty your garage and clean through the whole space. Once it’s clean, gather around your things and decide which ones are leaving and which ones are staying.

garage tool organization ideas

Second, Budget: 

How much are you willing to spend? Some items aren’t necessarily expensive, but sometimes price equals quality, and the price of each tool you acquire will affect your system’s lifespan! Keep in mind this question – quality or price? – and answer it after a deep thought on it.

Finally, measure your garage and determine whether if it can store your items and your car. You know you’ll have picked the best garage organization system if it takes up the least amount of space, especially if it lets you store your car!

What Garage Storage System Is the Best for You?

If you’ve answered the questions in the previous section and have decided the course of action to take, you’re more than ready to choose the best organization system for your garage! But, before you purchase anything, you must also consider the following.

Firstly, how do you want your system to stay? Fixed, movable? Because it’s gotta be one that doesn’t cause you trouble, but rather the opposite: it must make future item organization as smooth as possible, or else, your system will have been for naught!

However, the system’s material is so far the most important key factor to keep in mind. A metal-based garage organization system, for example, will be sturdy, long-lasting and will keep a hold of your heavy items for a long time, unlike a wood and/or plastic based system which, although cheaper, will face a greater number of limits in comparison.

Again, think deeply in your answers. Once you’ve reached a satisfactory conclusion, you’re ready to move forwards.

Best Garage Tool Organization Ideas

Now that you’ve answered the most crucial questions, take a look at the following garage organization ideas for DIY systems and pick the ones you like:

  1. A slat wall system and a Hold-Everything-Tool Rack will hang your tools to your sight, making them more accessible to your hand.
  2. Galvanized walls with PVC pipe tool storages and pallets will keep a hold of your tall, slender items and of your garden tools.
  3. If you own sports equipment, try to hang them with vertical racks or store them in any unfinished stud you have!
  4. If you don’t want to build a convenient DIY garage shelving system from scratch, try using bins instead, or install hooks and wire racks for some difficult items, such as chairs and fishing poles. Mudroom garages are also a simple and appealing alternative!
  5. If you’re the kind of person who needs to leave the garage open for a long time, lockers will become a lifetime investment you’ll never regret (especially if you need to store chemicals or any other hazards away from children!).


How do I declutter my garage?

Depending on your garage’s size, pick a full day (a weekend is better, though) to declutter and organize your garage. Do it with your family and keep in mind which items will you keep, which could be sold off, and which ones simply need to be trashed.

What is the cheapest way to organize a garage?

First of all, clean and sort your items to check which ones can you sell, and repurpose old items, such as cardboard boxes, to serve as cost-effective storage elements. Measure your space, get rid of what you no longer use and, from there, you’ll determine if you actually need new items or not.

Bottom Line

These garage organization ideas DIY systems will certainly help you make the best out of your space! But remember: garage organizing systems depend largely on your needs and your capabilities, so we recommend you to check among our garage organization tips and tricks and pick the elements that might fit best your space, your items and your budget and reach out to professionals if you have to. We believe that the best organization systems aren’t about choosing the priciest or cheapest garage storage closets, shelves, racks, and so on, but rather on this one simple factor: whether the garage tool organization ideas you decide will finally bring some peace to your mind and fix up your garage!


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