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Home Improvement Trends – Giving Your Home a New Look


A few years ago, homeowners were looking for bigger rooms; but things are changing and people are looking for a space that’s efficient, flexible and brings order to chaos. Whether you’re building a new house or you’re looking forward to giving a frequently used space a new face, there are home improvement trends that will inspire you. If you are not sure on what to do, here is a list of five improvements you may consider for your home.

Home Improvement Trends

1. Fabulous FlooringHome Improvement Trends

It goes without saying that flooring makes rooms feel new, and this should be on top of your home improvement list if you’re planning on doing anything. You can change your flooring to the style and type that you’ve always dreamed of. For large areas like a living room or kitchen, hardwood flooring laid with a geometric design would be excellent. For small rooms like laundry rooms or bathrooms, bold tile patterns would be an excellent choice.

2. The Connected Home

At this time and age, technology is at its best and it’s recommended for you to have the latest technologies available in your home. You can add home automation options that will give you an opportunity to enjoy flexible, convenient, and energy saving smart features. For instance, there are various mobile apps that allow you to operate different components of your home such as ceiling fans, lighting, sump pumps and thermostats. Some other things to consider include:

  • Automated window treatments for blinds and shades
  • Wi-Fi connected cameras and security systems
  • Smart appliances such as app-controlled coffee makers, duet washer and dryer, and refrigerators
  • Smart TVs that give you an opportunity to stream your favorite movies and television series directly to your smartphone
  • Smart light bulbs

3. Aging in Place

Many people build beautiful houses when they are young, but fail to put the age factor into consideration. These people are then forced to remodel their homes in order to modernize it. However, you can avoid future problems and plan as early as now to improve your space. You can widen your doors and hallways to allow wheelchairs and walkers to move with ease. Include faucets and toilets with a comfortable height and walk-in showers that can be operated with one hand. Also, use lever-style handles in place of doorknobs to allow people to use with ease.

4. Mudrooms with Lockers

Having a mudroom addition makes your room spacious and tidy. Interestingly, introducing lockers in your mudroom is an even better idea as it provides space to store your clothes and other valuables. In the mudroom, remember to introduce a washer, sink, and a drier which will give you a place to wash dirt from your shoes without making your entire house dirty.

5. Outdoor Refresh

When thinking about improving your interior, you should also consider doing the same on your home’s exterior. This is because the exterior will always create the first impression of how your interior looks like. You can repaint your door to make it look new again. Most importantly, ensure that your gutters are always clean, and if you don’t want to clean them time and time again, add roof gutter protection as it will keep your gutter clean from debris and leaves.

Bottom Line

Every person would want their house to be the center of attention. Consider these home improvement trends to improve the comfort, aesthetic, and energy efficiency of your home and to reap all the benefits that these features offer.