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Home Remodeling Tip: Planning

Home Remodeling Tip: Planning

A well planned remodel can save time, money and frustrations.

One major home remodeling tip for anyone who is thinking of remodeling his or her real estate is planning. Planning will help you create what you want done to your property. Once you have planned what you want done, the next thing to come up with is a budget. A budget will show you how much it will take to complete your project. When your budget is done, the next thing on the agenda is your timeframe.

Are you looking at a few weeks until completion or a few months? It just depends on whether you have the time and the resources you need to complete your project. The most important home remodeling tip for those who are doing their first remodeling is planning! A well planned home improvement remodel can save you time, money and many frustrations.

The Excitement of Remodeling Your Home - So, you have a house but you want to turn it into the home of your dreams; with some remodeling everything is possible. Stress comes hand in hand with excitement and when you are stressed you can make some very serious mistakes which will hurt your pocket and home in the long run.

Planning A Home Remodel
"A Little Guidance Can Go A Long Way In Planning"

Planning on Paper

Depending on the scale of the remodeling you may consider hiring an architect, interior designer or both; when you have a team your work will be easier but even then you need a well thought out plan.

The Budget - the most important part of the planning is the budget; based on your budget many other decisions will be taken.

The Areas That Need Remodeling - here you have to clearly define which areas will be affected and exactly what will be changed.

Time Frame - you must be realistic how much time you allocate in completing each project; planning it with the hired help will not let projects drag on forever. Some companies even give you an exact time frame for which they guarantee to finish the project or else they are liable to pay you penalties.

The Supplies - sometimes when you hire a third party to help, they will supply you with the relevant materials such as tiles, cement, bricks etc for the remodeling; this needs to be negotiated beforehand in order to keep cost under control. If you choose to get your own supplies let your contractor know before hand; this may turn out to be a lot less expensive for you but also it means a lot more running around.

The Research - yet another important home remodeling tip is to do your research well before picking a contractor, architect or interior designer. Prices vary widely from company to company. Of course your budget will determine many factors but in order to get the best package you need to do your homework too.

Many sites are available today which can help you decide what is right for your home at the budget you have in mind. Knowing what it should cost you beforehand can work to your advantage when you negotiate the remodeling contract and its cost.

Keeping in mind the home remodeling tip to plan everything ahead will see you through a successful and pleasant remodeling whether you are doing it yourself or hiring help for the project.

If you would like guidance in planning, contact our PHX I.D. or PHX Interior Design - Scottsdale designers. We are always eager to help and educate homeowners and contractors.