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How Much to Charge for Window Cleaning – What Determines the Cost


Cleaning the window is very important to keep the house look clean. Of course, many house owners ensure to get them cleaned regularly by the professionals. If you are planning to clean windows professionally, then you must know how much to charge for window cleaning.

How Much to Charge for Window Cleaning

Most of the professional window cleaners charge the cleaning process based on per pane. But there are certain factors and variables that can affect the final price of the cleaning. There are different ways by which you can determine the cost of window cleaning.

Cost per Window Pane

The most common and usual way of deciding the price is by the number glass panes that you have to clean. The normal double-hung window comes with two panes. Each of the pane of windows typically cost around $2 to $7 for cleaning. The costs generally vary from one company to another. There are some cleaning services that charge an hourly fee. The average cost of cleaning all the windows of a house is about $266. If you are still confused about how to figure out the cost of the window washing, then the next section will be helpful for you.

Determining the Cost of Window CleaningHow Much to Charge for Window Cleaning

Although cleaning the windows may seem to be a quite easy and straightforward job, there are many factors that can affect the final cost of window cleaning. Some of the main factors that determine the cost are:

How Dirty is the Glass?

Of course, the cost will increase if the windows are very dirty. Dirty windows require more time and use for more tools. So, this will generally increase the total cost

Number of Windows

Another factor that determines the total cost of cleaning is the number of windows. You must expect to charge more for window cleaning.

Ease of Access

If you have to use ladders and special tools for cleaning the windows then it requires more time and also more effort. The windows that are out of your reach and need special way to access them must be charged more than the normal once.

Cleaning Way

Whether you have to clean the windows from inside or outside or both the ways will determine the charge of the window cleaning as well. The exterior-only or interior-only services may cost lesser than both services.

Bottom Line

So, if you wanted to know how much to charge for window cleaning, then you should now know the answer. You can charge the cleaning cost based on the time as well as per window. You’ll need to also consider some additional factors such as ease of access. You cannot charge the same for a window which is less dirty than the ones with more dirt and debris on it. The cost of the window cleaning service goes up if the windows are located on the first and second floor of your home. Thus, you need to determine the cost based on these important factors.