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How Often Should You Change Home Carpet


When you invest in a carpet, you expect it to give back the value of your money several times over. Well, that is everyone’s wish but it doesn’t always come to be. One of the things every homeowner would like to know is how often should you change home carpet. It will depend on a lot of things. How often do you use the carpet area, its fabric, quality, and how good you take care of it. 

How Often Should You Change Home Carpet

Now, this post will help you know how often you should be changing your home carpet. It will tell you the factors that determine the frequency of carpet change at home. Read on to know when you should make a switch for your home carpet. 


Carpets and odors are bedfellows. The odors come from mold and pets. When you smell some, it does not necessarily mean you have to change your carpet right away. Do some carpet cleaning methods or use a steam cleaner and see if the odor goes away. Most of the time it will go, but in some rare cases it will persist. In this case, you do not have very many options on the table other than replacing your rug. 

StainsHow Often Should You Change Home Carpet

Stains on your carpet are a regular thing. You should act swiftly when you notice them. The sooner you clean the stains, the easier they go away. As long as you can remove all stains, there is nothing to worry about your carpet. However, when the stains no longer go away, it is about time you replace your carpet. 


Carpet padding plays a very central role. It makes sure you feel comfortable stepping on the carpet. It also ensures that the carpet does not wrinkle. When the padding cannot do all these, it is time for a replacement. It is also the perfect time to change your carpet. 


Bacteria and other harmful organisms can easily turn your carpet fabric into their home. They will hide and use the carpet to launch attacks on your family. Stagnant water like pet urine, and dampness accelerate the infestation of pathogens in your carpet. Use a mold test kit to establish if you are facing the problem. If yes, then you may not have any other option apart from changing your carpet. 


Possibly, your carpet does not get any of the above problems. However, that does not How Often Should You Change Home Carpetmean you should keep it forever. It will face tear and wear. Its original color will be gone, and a lot of depreciation will happen. When all the beauty of your carpet is gone, it is only logical to buy a new one. Thankfully, there are many options of low pile carpet to choose from.  


If your house has a lot of people stepping on the carpet, you will have to deal with matting. Polyester carpets are at the highest risk of getting this problem. The solution is getting a new rug for your home. 

How often should you change home carpet varies from one case to another. When you notice some of the problems discussed here, you should be ready to do a replacement. Always remember to follow proper carpet care tips to ensure your carpets longevity.