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How to Decide Home Design


Planning on how to decide home design can be challenging. Often, you have a lot of ideas that couldn’t be easily put together at first when you plan a home. How should you go about the design process? Show your creativity as you try to make the most of the lot plan you’ll be using for your dream home.

Take Measurements

When learning how to choose a house plan, take measurements first. The basic measurements of the lot will allow you to identify possible house plans that can work best in maximizing the space. A good house floor plan is one that adjusts to the perimeter of the lot. Wide lots call for wide floor plans and in a similar manner, narrow lots will need long and narrow house plans.

Conceptualize Your Dream Home

Get inspirations from the best home plans using different references. You can start pinning photos or clippings to a collage board and try putting everything together to come up with a clear house plan. The first baby steps are hard since visualizing doesn’t take place overnight.

How to Choose a House Plan?

The features that you prioritize the most when considering how to decide home design should always come first. What dream home are you trying to achieve as you plan? Do you want to maximize your garage space or storage room? Is it about elegance and style or convenience and comfort? Maybe you already have in mind the right color of blinds to use. If you’re planning a house for retirement, then it will be wise to consider house plans for single-story houses.

Highlight Unique and Natural Features

Maximize topography by using the unique features of the lot to your advantage. This doesn’t mean that you have to get everything customized just to make the most of the living space. For a sloping lot, you can consider having a daylight basement. The best home plans are those that are tweaked accordingly to the unique features of a lot.

Highlight the natural features that you’d like to see from your home. Having a house next to a fantastic landscape is uncommon. As you develop your skill on how to choose a house plan, take a look at your surroundings. Most of your windows and sliding or French doors should face the view so you can be greeted right away with a natural landscape. When your house is facing a mountain, a good house floor plan takes the view into account.

Plan a Home

Waking up to a beautiful sunrise is an amazing experience, and the same goes for seeing sunsets. Add necessary plantation shutters and try to incorporate as many windows of different sizes as you can in your lot plan to allow you to face these natural features. You can also consider adding a pool to your house, so you can hit two birds with one stone by adding value to your home while having a great pool view.

The home selection process is called a process for a reason. Designing your home takes a while to complete before you come up with a clear picture of the result you want to achieve. Now that you learned how to decide home design, get those creative juices flowing and set to work as you plan your dream home.