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How to Ensure Safe Stairs at Home


Before staircase designs came about, remember why stairs are created in the first place. Stairs are meant to be functional and safe, so you need to be mindful of stair safety tips. Did you know that one of the most common accidents in the US is fall on stairs? It’s true, and this happens for young kids and old people.

Getting a new home may be exciting, but there may be times when you overlook stairwell safety. There are stair safety tips you need to know to make sure your family stays safe as they use the stairs. Take a look at the below tips for learning how to ensure safe stairs at home.

Use Handrails

Holding on to the handrails is one of the ways on how to make stairs safe. The rails are not only meant for design; they come with a purpose. Accidents occur during the times that you don’t expect them. Ensuring stair safety by using the handrails can save your life.

Safety Staircases
Safety Staircases

Stairs Should be Aligned With the IRC

Codes exist to standardize the rise and run of safety staircases. The International Residential Code (IRC) has standards for the safety of stairs. The code mandates that the stair riser should be up to 7.75 inches. The depth of the tread needs to be at least 10 inches without nosing, and at least 11 inches with nosing. Following these standards set by the code ensures stair safety at home.

Remove Clutter From Your Stairs

Learn how to make stairs safe by removing containers or shoes away from stairs. If you ensure safe stairs at home, you will protect your loved ones. These items pose risk for your safety, especially when there is dim lighting. No matter how careful you are and how well you know your safety staircases, you can easily trip on things that you can’t see in low-lighting.

Avoid Polishing Your Staircase

A squeaky-clean staircase looks sleek especially when you have Danish design interiors, but a shiny one can do more harm than good. You can simply clean your staircase by wiping it with a clean cloth before allowing them to dry. Polishing your staircase to achieve a visual appeal is unnecessary and dangerous.

Install Lighting on Staircase Landings

A well-lit staircase, especially at night, is functional and neat-looking. You don’t just improve the appearance of your home but also make it safe to walk on.

Stairwell Safety
Stairwell Safety

Add Safety Gates When Necessary

If you have young ones at home, it’s best to ensure child safety by installing safety gates. You place them at the top and bottom landing to prevent babies and small kids from playing on the stairs. Knowing that you have kids around safe stairs leaves you at ease. Safety gates is one of the best things to ensure safe stairs at home for your little ones.

Install a Carpet

Carpets reduce the shock from a staircase fall. They are also useful in providing enough traction to avoid slipping in safe stairs. This is one main reason carpet is best for stairs versus hardwood flooring.

Build a Stairlift

If you live with the elderly or someone with a disability, you can make a stairlift. It is also best to provide safety step markers and install fluorescent tape for visually challenged family members.

Now that you are aware of these stair safety tips, you can have the necessary installations included for a home remodeling cost estimate. Stairwell safety is important to maintain a safe home where you can live in peace.