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How to Fix a Leaky Window


Leaky windows can pose major problems ranging from aesthetic and structural damage to increased heating and cooling bills. It’s crucial, therefore, to deal with any water leaks as soon as you notice an issue. Fixing the situation as soon as possible helps to reduce the risk of costly repairs and or replacements. That’s why it’s important to learn how to fix a leaky window.

How to Fix a Leaky Window

In this article, we’ll discuss the various tips on how to fix a leaky window. We’ll also outline some of the reasons your windows may be leaking.

Why Are Your Windows Leaking?

Window leaks are a common problem in aging homes. After years of building setting, varying weather conditions and extreme temperatures, windows may no longer be air- or water-tight. Glazing seals can break, window frames can get damaged or the entire window unit can lose shape (leaving gaps that allow water to seep in.)

While older windows are more likely to experience water leaks, new ones can also be at risk. Three common areas that cause windows to leak include: installation, maintenance and house design.

How To Fix Window LeaksHow to Fix a Leaky Window

There are as many window fixes as there are causes for leaks. It may be something as complicated as having to rebuild a significant portion of your wood wall even before commencing a window replacement, or as simple as replacing weatherstripping on a slider window. You can try a few simple maintenance tasks such as:

  • Remove any damaged exterior caulking, clean the window frame and recaulk.
  • Confirm the sill at the bottom of the window is pitched downward so it can easily drain water towards the exterior.
  • Check the gasket, the window part between the glass and the window frame. Reseal the glass to the gasket using clear silicone caulk.
  • Clean dirt, debris and other contaminants from weep holes in the frame bottom. All you need is a small wire that can unplug these holes. This will allow any water that comes in through the screen to drain to the outside.

If the leakage is affecting the structure around the window, your best bet is call an experienced window replacement company for an evaluation and possibly a full-frame window replacement. If they claim you need a new window, they will be able to help you choose a window.

A full window replacement may be a costly affair, especially when compared with other solutions, but it’s also thorough. Window replacement professionals will be able to remove any rotten or damaged wood from the frame and the wall structure surrounding it. One of the many benefits of replacing your windows is you can ensure the leak will be gone.

But what’s even more critical is that they’ll identify the source of the leak and tell you whether it’s directly related to the windows, or is coming from another part of the wall.

Bottom Line

The tips mentioned give valuable insight on how to fix a leaky window. Although most modern windows are deemed “maintenance free” getting the best performance from your windows requires you to do some maintenance. But even with maintenance, you may eventually experience a water leak. It’s always important to seek expert help to identify the source and extent of the problem. If you need to replace the window, make sure to prepare for installation accordingly.