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How to Get a Bathtub White Again


When your bathtub becomes dirty or greasy, it can be difficult to notice at first. It won’t appear suddenly, and there won’t be any fragments or lumps of grime to deal with. Instead, you may get the impression that your bathtub is changing color. This happens when dirt forms a layer, and further layers of dirt then build over the top of it. 

The result will be a bathtub that looks quite grey and dull compared to the bright white that it used to be like. To make sure this does not happen, you should know how to get bathtub white. There is a simple and easy way for you to do this, and it involves using baking soda to clean bathtub. 

How to Get a Bathtub White Again

In this short post, we will go through it, so that you never have to ask ‘how do I get my bathtub white again’ in the future. For fixing bathroom fitting and fixtures you can refinish a bathtub.

Read on to discover the best method if you need to know how to whiten bathtub. 

  • 1. Preparation

Fill up a bottle with water, add in a small amount of liquid soap, and put a spray attachment on the top. Then shake the bottle up and down until it’s mixed nicely. 

  • 2. Application

Use the spray bottle to coat your entire bathtub and then let it work its way into the layers of dirt for approximately ten minutes. 

  • 3. The First Cleaning Session

Now, grab a brush or sponge and start scrubbing. Whilst you do this, keep your spray bottle to hand and use it to refresh each area after you have successfully scrubbed off some of the dirt. At this point, you should notice some of the whiteness returning. 

  • 4. Cleaning Tub With Baking Soda

Find some baking soda from a local convenience store or the back of your kitchen cupboard, and spread it across your bathtub whilst it remains damp from the previous cleaning. It will form a paste that will assist you in getting rid of the deepest layers of dirt. 

How to Get a Bathtub White Again
  • 5. The Second Cleaning Session

Once more, pick up the brush or sponge from earlier and carry on as you were. Add some extra baking soda or water as needed, and keep working until your bathtub is as white as you once remembered it. 

  • 6. Rinsing

The hard work of cleaning is now complete, and all that remains is to wash down the inside of your tub using the taps inside. Make sure that you rinse everywhere otherwise extra dirt could build up again quicker than you expect. 

That’s it. Your bathtub will now be perfectly clean and you will have the added experience of knowing how to clean bathtub with baking soda. 

If it’s not worth the trouble of cleaning, you may want to look into interior designing services instead. Whitening may only be a short term solution, but to get your dream home you should have an entire home reconstruction