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How to Get Permanent Marker Off Carpet


When you invest in a carpet, be ready to deal with all manners of stains. Dust, dirt, and debris will easily find a way onto your rug and leave stains. One common thing with all these stains is that they are easy to remove. How about dealing with stubborn stains like permanent marker? It will not be easy, but arming yourself with the knowledge of how to get permanent marker off carpet will go a long way to ease your cleaning headaches for when this does happen. 

How to Get Permanent Marker Off Carpet

If you came across this post while lhow to get permanent marker off carpetooking for a way to get rid of marker stains from your carpet, you are in the right place. Here, you will learn about four easy stain removal and carpet cleaning methods that you can do at home that can work on ink to permanent markers. 

Method #1

The number one rule of thumb for stain removal from carpets is always to be prompt. As soon as you notice the stain, get to work before it is absorbed deep into the carpet’s fabric and fibers. Here are the steps you should follow: 

  • Do you use a hairspray with no oily ingredients? Great, you will need it to remove the marker. Spray it generously into a clean white cloth.
  • Use the cloth to dab on the stain.
  • Repeat this until you see no stain on your carpet.

Method #2

  • As soon as you notice the stain, get a clean rag, and blot any wet marker. This prevents it from penetrating deeper into the padding. 
  • Apply a generous amount of your dishwashing soap to a clean cloth and blot the stain with it. 
  • As you keep blotting, you should notice the stain fading away gradually. Do it until there is no trace of the marker.

Method #3

Before you begin, you should buy a carpet cleaner from your nearest store. You can also purchase it online. 

  • Get your stain remover and shake it well before use.
  • Apply a considerable amount of the cleaner into the stain.
  • Leave it there for a minute or longer if you like.
  • Using a clean cloth, rub on the stain gently. You should notice the stain fading. Keep doing it until the marker is gone. 

Method #4

  • You will need a commercial spray stain remover. Make sure to read the kind of stains it will remove before purchasing the spray.
  • Spray a generous amount of the stain remover onto the stained area. 

Now you have everything you need to remove permanent marker stains from your carpet. All four methods are easy to follow. Choose whatever works best for you, and say goodbye to notorious marker stains. You can now focus on reviving your carpet so that it looks practically new again. 


While the best solution to stains is avoiding them in the first place, they will always find a way to get to your carpet. Stubborn stains will give you a hard time, but not all of them since you now know how to get permanent marker off carpet and handle the worst of them. Worst comes to worst, you can also look into professional carpet cleaning services that’ll get the job done for you. Once the stain has been removed, you can look into new carpet care tips to ensure that the same stain doesn’t happen again.