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How to Maintain Tile Flooring


Even with the benefits of modern technology we all still spend a large amount of time doing basic household chores. One of the more onerous of those chores is cleaning the floors. Tile floors are usually simpler to clean than carpet but still require some work to get the grot off. Here are some tips on how to maintain tile flooring and improve its useful life-span in the process.

How to Maintain Tile Flooring

Everyone knows that cleaning your carpet often is a necessity and there are different methods to do so. However, many don’t know that tile floor needs just as much attention as different types of carpet. This article will show you just how to maintain tile, to keep your floor looking new. 

– Make Use of Doormats and Area Rugs 

The simplest way to keep your tile floors clean is to stop them from getting dirty in the first place. Place door mats or rugs on either side of the doors leading into the room. This will trap dirt from your shoes and feet before it gets spread all over your tiles. For heavily trafficked areas of the room consider placing area rugs on the floor to trap dirt and protect the floor tiles from wear. 

How to Maintain Tile Flooring

– Regular Basic Cleaning 

if left for too long loose dirt and grit that is easy to clean up will become compacted onto the tile floor by foot traffic and become much harder to clean. Vacuum the floor regularly or sweep it with a fluffy dust mop. Don’t use a straw broom as it will scratch the tiles. You might want to consider getting a robot vacuum cleaner if your time is at a premium, but make sure that you get one that won’t leave marks or scratches on the floor tiles that will just add to the problem. 


Mop the floor regularly with a floor detergent mix and soft mop to remove more persistent grime. Clean up any spills that occur immediately before they dry and become a harder problem. Some spills may also damage the floor tile if left too long, depending on the spilled material. 


– Deep Clean Periodically 

Every now and then you should give your tile floor a deep clean to remove the most persistent and deeply embedded grime. You can buy deep floor cleaning solutions from the supermarket but for a cheaper and more natural solution just mix half a cup of white vinegar or plain rubbing alcohol into a gallon of warm water. You can even use a steam cleaner to help remove those pesky stains from your tile. 


To remove grease from the floor use a solution of dish-washing detergent and warm water at about the same concentration as you use for washing your dishes. 

How to Maintain Tile Flooring

To clean the grout between the floor tiles mix up a paste made of baking soda and water. Rub the baking soda paste onto the grout and leave it to do its job overnight. Then scrub the grout and paste with an old toothbrush and rinse it off with warm water. 


Professional tile cleaners say regular cleaning and maintenance of your tile floors combined with some preventative measures can dramatically increase the use you get from the tile surface. Knowing how to maintain tile flooring will save you money in the long term in addition to making your home a more pleasant place to live. Your tile floors are something you rarely notice but you use them constantly, so keep them well maintained to ensure they give you good service.