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Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks


The kitchen being a busy-traffic zone, it is understandable that it needs a regular and thorough cleaning. However, that is not always easy. You may spend endlessly buying and changing cleaning agents for your kitchen. All you get is a not-so-sparkling environment. How about you get the best kitchen cleaning tips and tricks? 

Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Trickkitchen cleaning tips and trickss

Well, this article is all about cleaning your kitchen without sweating your fingernails. You will know tips that are easy to implement, friendly to the environment, and will get everything in your kitchen spotless and your home clean

Lemon and Water for the Microwave

Can you remember the last time you cleaned the microwave? It is often left out of the cleaning routine, yet it gets greasy. Fill a cup of water and add a few drops of fresh lemon sap. Put the cup in the microwave tray and heat it. The steam will fill all the corners of the wall. Get a soft cleaning sponge and scrub the walls. They will be shining. 

A Sheet for Cleaning the Pans

You may scrub your pans hard, but the grime will not go away. Do not waste your energy anymore. Take a clean sheet and cover the pan from the inside. Add warm water on top of it. This will create bubbles that will, in turn, attract all the dirt to the sheet. Leave it for some time. When you remove it, your pan will be as shiny as new. 

Scrub the Chopping Board with Salt and Lemon

The chopping board is not easy to clean. It is a porous and very good environment for bacteria to hide and thrive. You can easily clean and disinfect the board in less than a minute. Cut a lemon in two halves. Throw in a sizeable pinch of salt on the board. Add a few drops of water on the board. Using the lemon’s cut side, scrub every corner of the board. Rinse it when you are done. 

Make Baking Soda Your Main Cleaner

Forget about expensive detergents that never do the job. Baking soda is the real deal when it comes to keeping your kitchen and all items clean, including your flooring as well. Use it to kill odors, clean appliances, and anything else with stubborn stains including any home project you may be working on. It is not only an effective cleaner but also friendly to the environment. 

Unleash the Duo of Vinegar and Lemon

Lemon and vinegar are versatile. You can use them to unclog the disposal pipes, kill any odor, clean your kitchen windows with and scrub the sink spotless. Not any other detergent can be so helpful. Make sure you have lemon and vinegar every time you are cleaning the kitchen. 

Salt and Vinegar for Copper Pots

Copper pots come in handy when cooking. The only problem is when you have to clean them. Using general cleaners will not take away the dirt and bacteria. With a mixture of vinegar and salt, you will both clean and disinfect your pots as a basic household tip. They will be shiny and give you the motivation to cook. 

Bottom Line 

It can be quite a task cleaning everything in your kitchen. However, with appropriate kitchen cleaning tips and tricks, your task is easy. Try some of the hacks in this post, and you will never have a hard time cleaning.