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Make Home Remodeling Fun

Make Home Remodeling Fun

Be stress-free & have a blast with your home improvement projects.

Creative home remodeling can be fun and exciting, it all depends on how creative you can be. It can also be surprisingly affordable. There are a few tips that, if followed can cut down on the cost of remodeling. One idea relates to the interior design for your kitchen. If you want a nice look at a fraction of the cost, go with small granite tiles instead of big ones.

This will give you the look you are after and you can replace them much more easily if they get damaged. Another way to save money is to use laminated wood flooring instead of real wood. Most people will not be able to tell the difference and you will save money! Creative home remodeling often involves bright ideas that help beautify your home at the lowest possible cost.

If you are stuck on ideas or simply overwhelmed. We understand! Take a deep breath and let our designers place everything you have infront of you in a organized manner so that you can grasp your project and take the steps.

We make everything look easy, but that is because we have countless hours in each phase of planning and remodeling. Visit PHX I.D. or PHX Interior Design - Scottsdale to request help.

Home Remodeling Tips
"Have Fun and Be Creative While Staying Below Budget!"

Cost Efficiency

Though some of the creative home remodeling ideas are cost efficient, you will not always find money saving options during your remodeling. Cost efficiency is something you learn from years of experience, rather than luck. Let us consider some of the most common creative home remodeling ideas:

Kitchen With Granite Counter-Tops

The most elegant kitchens today boast highly exquisite granite table and counter tops. Those who want to have the same effect but at a fraction of the cost, could use granite tiles instead of big slabs. The smaller size of the tiles would give exactly the same overall look; however, it will cost less because the tiles are made out of smaller pieces of granite, will look better, and you can replace any damaged piece much more easily.

Finishing With Stone Tile Backsplash

While this the usual pre-requisite in a modern home, creative home remodeling will give you the same effect (if not better) when the tiles are turned to form a diamond instead of square. Tiles arranged in this way will add a new dimension to the wall, while utilizing far fewer tiles.

Cabinets of Different Sizes

Many times the kitchen comes with modular-style cabinets which, though they look extremely attractive, are quite expensive. For those who want to get the same look at a cost-effective price, you can get the same impact if you customize the finishing of the cabinets in the kitchen taking care that you make them different heights. This will not only add an interesting look, but also add dimension and character to your kitchen.


The best way to create a rich feeling inside the house is with the help of wood flooring. However, this option comes at a very high cost. An affordable option is to get the same effect while using laminated wood flooring. Not only can you cut expenses to a very large extent, you can also bet on the fact that almost no one can tell the difference.

Moldings and Their Impact In Creative Home Remodeling

Molding usually creates a very elegant ambiance in the house. Make no bones about it, this is expensive. However, as with all the above, here, too, we have a suggestion with which you can have your elegance and the cash too. What you need to do is to buy small pieces of molding and then mix and match till you get the desired effect.

Creative home remodeling can be quite expensive however with a little creativity and legwork you can do it without costing an arm and a leg.