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What does a Mobile Home Remodeling Repair Entail?


A mobile home remodeling repair job may be harder to complete when compared to a framed home. One major potential problem to repair in a mobile home is the ceiling. Mobile homes have a design in which they have a flat ceiling. When moisture comes down, it has nowhere to go unlike a home. This will create a few problems. First, the water will soak into the ceiling and then it will cause a visible stain. This stain will then cause a musty or stale water smell. Most people who live in mobile homes tend to ignore this. If you live in a mobile home or are thinking of moving in, check how good the ceiling is and what can be done to make it last.

Mobile homes have always been a great challenge to repair and/or remodel. The ceiling is usually the part of the home most in need of repair. Come to think of it, the repair of the ceiling is one of the most invisible jobs one can do for one’s house. When you think of mobile home remodeling repair, one usually thinks of new kitchen items such as cabinet styles, cozier beds, better sofa set and so on.

Remodeling Mobile Home
Remodeling Mobile Home

The Ceiling – One of the Most Neglected Areas in a Mobile Home

Most standard mobile home remodeling repair will involve adding good furniture in place of the old and broken pieces. A bit of painting, a change of drapes usually does the trick. However, regardless of the plans or organizing small spaces you may have, you will find that the ceiling is the part to which the least attention is given. Yet, everyone can see it when lying down at night.

You can always start your mobile home remodeling repair with the repair of the ceiling. In many cases the ceiling of mobile homes has been soaked and stained. When this happens the ceiling becomes very unsightly and the interior will start smelling of stale water because the water will tend to get soaked in by the walls and the ceiling. The first thing to do when this happens is to use a stain sealing spray which will stop the spread of the stain.

Mobile Home Remodel
Mobile Home Remodel

The Best Way to Do It

There are do-it-yourself kits that can stop the bleeding of the ceiling at any time. Once you have applied the stain sealing spray, the leak will be controlled. Only after you are sure that the stain has been contained, you can put a layer of paint on it to mask its two-tone look. This is extremely simple and within the reach of most to beautify their mobile homes.

The ceiling is one of the most sensitive areas in the house, and unfortunately it is also the one which is most neglected. The ceiling is more often than not forgotten by the painters who painted or renovated the bathroom. This is why the ceilings become unsightly pretty fast and nobody really bothers about it; as unfortunate as this is, the mobile home remodeling repair starts and almost always ends on this point. Unless the ceiling is impeccable, the overall look of your mobile home will be average.