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New Home Construction Trends – Improve Your Space


2018 brought many new renovation trends to home construction. The top ten new home construction trends can be found right here, from more tactile textures with interiors, to embracing the open concept design, trends in  home construction are sure to improve your space.

New Home Construction Trends

New Home Construction Trends

1) Saving Energy –

Everyone loves saving a few bucks, especially when it comes to their utilities. Energy efficiency focuses on everything from appliances to materials used in the actual building of the home. A lot of homeowners are warming up to the idea of green living, meaning they want a layout to suit their purpose, but that is also sustainable and uses renewable energy sources and natural light. Low-E windows are also being installed, plus low flow toilets. This is a great option for anyone on a budget, since this will save them a lot of money.


2) Copper Gutters –

There is a definite premium to pay for this upgrade, however homeowners love the style, class, durability and uniqueness of the adornment of copper on their homes. Whether it’s a renovation project or new construction, installing copper gutters adds some drama to a section of the home that usually gets little attention.


3) White Cabinets –

Dark, rich hardwood cabinets might be found in several new homes, but white started taking over in 2018. One reason white kitchen cabinets are taking over is that there are so many bold options for color that work with white, so it really lets the colors stand out.


4) Open Concept –

While the open concept has been popular in the kitchen, some are finding that it is a nuisance due to there being no confinement to the smells coming from the stovetop and oven. Others simply see it as part of the togetherness feel which an open concept design centers around. This trend of opening up spaces continued in 2018.


5) The Great Outdoors –

Outdoor living space in some ways is just an expansion of the living area inside. Outdoor spaces can be transformed to great entertainment space that is sure to be comfortable and stylish.


6) Smaller Homes –

More and more people are interested in smaller homes this year. Even the youngest homeowner generation is focused on a more practical, smaller footprint.


7) Getting Smart –

In just about every industry today, automation is huge. It also has gotten a lot of attention in the home renovation and building industry. Appliances now have smart technology which you can control with just a tap on your phone.


8) Textured Interiors –

The trend of up-cycling is coming to interior design as well. People’s tastes are leaning more toward wall treatments that are textured, and can include everything from wood, velvet, to brick surfaces which offer texture.


9) Walk-in Showers

This is not a new thing, but there is a big move towards walk-in barrier-free showers. It totally modernizes your bathroom, and the lack of a barrier means there is nothing to step over. They are also low maintenance with fewer parts to clean and no corners where mold can get caught and be difficult to remove.


10) Wainscoting

Composed of wall panels, a top or chair molding, and a baseboard molding, many homeowners love its luxurious feel and look. It is a great way to embrace a modern design element with your choice of styles.


Above are some new home construction trends that are sure to enhance your space. From copper gutters to smaller homes, these trends are sure to stick around for a while as their popularity increases.