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How to Prepare for a Window Installation – What Do the Pros Suggest?


Replacement windows are normally a huge investment in your home. This is because they minimize your high energy bills, update the outlook of your home, and increase the resale value of your home. So after you have taken the plunge and hired window professionals to replace the worn out windows. Now what? Before the professionals come to your home, there are few things you can do to make your home ready for installation. These simple steps will assist your window professional in being more efficient while ensuring a seamless installation process.

How to Prepare for a Window InsHow to Prepare for a Window Installationtallation

Don’t know how to prepare for a window installation? You’ll need to clear a path, remove window treatments, put down dust covers on your flooring and furniture and more.

1. Clear a Path

Window professionals will normally move in and out of your home. They will be probably carrying heavy and oversized windows. For the safety of your installers, you want to make sure that you remove any obstruction along their way. This will make them to have easy access to your old windows that need to be replaced. Move furniture and any other obstacles that might block their way. You will particularly want to remove any fragile plants or furniture so that the installers do not accidentally trample on it.

2. Remove Window Treatments

After moving furniture and fragile plants, you will also need to take down all the treatments surrounding your windows. This implies that you will be required to remove sheers, shutters, curtains and blinds. This will ensure that your installers don’t waste time removing the trappings. You might also consider removing the pictures and wall hangings next to the window.

3. Put Down Dust Covers

Replacing windows involves a lot of dirty work. Therefore you need to talk to your contractor to know the scope of work he intends to cover so that you can plan accordingly. But make sure that your home remains clean to reduce liability on the side of your contractor.

4. Conserve Energy

As a homeowner, you cannot eliminate heating and cooling losses when replacing windows. However, if you intend to replace windows, try to do it during the spring or fall season. March, September and October are normally the best months for replacement windows installation. You can also switch off the air conditioning or heating systems during the installation period to save energy.

5. Open Up Your Home

It is always advisable that you schedule time off when replacing windows in your home. But if you cannot be there when installers replace your windows, then you should make arrangements to help the contractor to gain access to your home in your absence. You can request a friend or neighbor to that for you.

Key Takeaways:

Here are a few of the simple things a homeowner should do to ensure a seamless installation process:

  • Meet the project foreman, show them the windows you choose and take them through your home
  • Remove any obstacles and obstructions
  • Take down dust covers and drop cloths
  • Start the careful window removal process
  • Install new windows after removing the old ones
  • Finish replacing old windows and install exterior trim and cladding

Final Verdict

The process of preparing your home for a windows installation can take some time, but it’s rewards are worth the effort. This is because it will make the work easier for your installation crew as well as prevent any accidents that could occur. This article has provided information on how to prepare for a window installation that homeowners wanted should know so that you install the windows of your choosing.