Redesigning a Bedroom – Creating Your Relaxing Retreat

When redesigning your home, most people often overlook redesigning their bedrooms. This is typically because they want to ensure that spaces where guests can see like the living room and kitchen have the most emphasis. However, you should give equal or more emphasis on the bedroom. The bedroom works as your relaxing retreat, and therefore, it should also be decorated accordingly to give you the sense of relaxation. Below are seven tips that will help you when you’re redesigning a bedroom.

Redesigning a Bedroom

Redesigning a Bedroom

1.    Less Is Often More

Changing your bedroom design is not a costly affair. It will not demand more time and effort.   You can start with by omitting some unnecessary furniture. You’ll be able to add more space to your bedroom this way. You can also change the direction of our bed to make a difference with a new orientation.

2.    Change Your Bedding and Throw Pillow

This small change can have a huge difference. You can choose any of your favorite colors for your bedding to create a friendly environment. White is an extremely versatile color for sheets, since it goes with practically every season.  You can simply layer with a cozy blanket to coop up for the cold. For summer, you can use lighter boho inspired pillows.

3.    Choose Proper Lighting

Lighting can play a large role in the ambiance and how large a bedroom looks. A bedside lamp can make an impact. You can simply replace your old lamp shades with new ones to give your bedroom a makeover. You can also simply change out light bulbs so that different types of lights can give your bedroom a different feeling.

4.    Consider Paint

Paint can also transform the look of your bedroom. Adding a darker accent wall can create a sophisticated environment, while pale blue or light grey can create a proper environment for relaxation.  You can consider using paint for your furniture or nightstand to get a complete transformation.

5.    Take Care of Floor

While redesigning, you should focus on something soft to make your feet comfortable. You can add an impressive vintage kilim or thick rug to get both the comfort and the visual aesthetics.  Rugs can pull things together and you can go with multiple layers to get a relaxed feel.

If you’re looking to do something a little bit more dramatic with your flooring, you can also consider installing new tile, carpet, or hardwood flooring. You can also be creative by implementing some unusual flooring ideas to give your room more character.

6.    Find Space for Storage

Your bedroom requires adequate storage space in order to avoid any clutter. You can use fabric storage containers, nesting baskets, and closet organization to prevent things from piling up.

7.    Look at the Walls

Like how kitchen cabinet colors affect how a kitchen looks, your bedroom is not an exception to this. You can use wall art to enhance the look of the walls.  When choosing art, you should get the one that reflects your personality and passion. You can also get creative with how you put the art on the wall and what frames you use.

Bottom Line

Most people tend to overlook redesigning their bedrooms when they are redoing their homes. Instead, they tend to focus on areas where the majority of their guests will be in such as the kitchen and living room. However, since the bedroom is essentially your safe haven when you’re looking to get some rest, you shouldn’t neglect how visually appealing it looks either. These tips will help you when you are redesigning a bedroom so that it can both look and feel comfortable for when you’re going to call it a night.