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Remodeling A Mobile Home

Remodeling A Mobile Home

Learn the obstacles that can come across when remodeling a manufactured home.

Remodeling a manufactured home will take a little bit of time to accomplish. Since manufactured homes are homes that can move on wheels, you have to create a plan unique to this type of house. There isn't much to fix on a manufactured home, but you must be careful in fixing items. If you are looking at fixing a ceiling, make sure that the seams are resealed. If it's the floor that you are looking to change, make sure that you pick the best floor for it. Plywood floors are normally used and you should use a floor leveler. This will ensure that they are straight and flat.

By taking the right steps in remodeling, you will have a home that is in working condition for years to come. In general terms a manufactured home is any factory-built home that can move about on wheels. A more precise definition: Is a structure constructed for movement on public highways, provided with sleeping, cooking, and plumbing facilities, intended for human occupancy, and being used for, or intended to be used for, residential purposes, and that was constructed in accordance with federal manufactured housing construction and safety standards and regulations. Wasn't that a mouthful?

Compared to conventionally built houses, manufactured houses need very little maintenance. Making repairs and remodeling a manufactured home are comparatively simple and straightforward tasks.

These tips can also help those that plan to build or have a tiny home. Tiny home's are becoming more popular because they are affordable and manueverable.

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Home
"A Little Guidance Can Go A Long Way In Planning"

Changes and Measurement

While minor jobs in the remodeling course might not relate to the overall design so much, major change like replacement of walls should be undertaken carefully. Load-bearing walls should not be excluded or the structure will lose balance. Since manufactured houses allow stricter space limits, any scheme of remodeling a manufactured house must take a look at the basic needs first, and then look at extras down the line. Careful measurement of available room is advisable before changing carpeting and windows.

Care for Ceiling

The ceiling is perhaps the most vulnerable part of a manufactured home, particularly to staining. Replacing old ceiling can be a challenge and requires skilled handling. Seams must be sealed, and screw heads covered to arrive at a smooth texture. Ceiling fans also should be installed with great care so as to ensure the weight bearing strength of the material and prevent any future accidents.

Floor Replacement

Floor replacement is a frequent process in remodeling a manufactured home, bathroom floors, generally, need of replacement after some time. Plywood floors are better choice than most others. Floor levelers can be used to smooth the floor level. The floor surface should be as airtight as possible since heat loss is much greater from manufactured house's floor in winter.

Furnace in Mobile Home

Remember to replace any furnace in your mobile home that is older than 20 to 25 years. Older furnaces often succumb to a cracked firebox. A mobile home furnace uses either propane or natural gas, both highly differing in density values. The opening of the orifice should be adjusted accordingly. Regular cleaning of the squirrel cage' fan prevents the loss of fan's efficiency due to a build-up of layer of cooking oil fumes.

Manufacturer's Warranty

A manufacturer's warranty is usually included in your purchase of a manufactured home. This covers repairs made during the remodeling. It is advisable to keep your warranty and record of its coverage. In all cases, keep the contacts and complete list of all you concerns. Also, knowing about service time specifications will prevent much of the wasted time.

Mobile Home Remodeling

The Obstacles In Mobile Home Remodeling

Just because it's smaller doesn't mean it will be easier.

Remodeling a mobile home takes more work than most people think. The interior design may be smaller, but there is just as much work that has to go into a mobile home renovation -- don't let its dimensions fool you. The first challenge is trying to keep your ceiling level. Mobile homes have flat roofs and when moisture comes, it tends to soak into the roof.

You may have to create something that will help the moisture roll off when it comes. Another moisture problem could be the bathroom. Bathrooms tend to hold moisture in, which in turn causes dampness. For those of use who live very simply, this may mean that we make a mobile home our place to hang our hat.

Most of the time, a mobile home, whether single or double wide, does not look like it needs a lot of work. But, it can be surprising to discover how much work our homes really need to keep us safe. This is why remodeling a mobile home is not something to take up lightly.

Here Are Some Options to Consider Before Remodeling A Mobile Home:

Exterior Remodeling

The first step in remodeling a mobile home may mean taking down the outside shell. This could mean the old vinyl or metal that the home was originally built with and replacing it with sheeting for insulation, then new vinyl for the outside and the roof. You can find rollable roof covers to replace the old ones. Make sure they are lightweight yet durable. Replacing old vinyl will mean getting rid of damp or damaged sheeting and providing new material that will not only keep dry but hold the heat in more efficiently.

Interior Remodeling

If you want to focus on the inside, then remodeling a mobile home from the interior depends on what needs to be done in your individual home. If you find that your bathroom needs work, consider replacing both the tub and the toilet. In most mobile homes, the bathroom holds moisture in, thus creating dampness and causing water damage to the walls. You can go to any mobile home supply store and find a toilet or shower/tub that will fit into the bathroom. Make sure that you take measurement, clean the area completely before installation and have the necessary instructions before you begin.


With any project, it is important to make sure that you have enough money to fund your mobile home project the entire way through. Map out the costs and expenses for the project. If you can't do it yourself, also consider how much it may cost to hire a contractor.

The finished product for remodeling a mobile home should look very good. As with any other home, it will take work, money and time. But, your home is your haven, and you need to make sure it looks as good as it feels. Especially when it comes to your family's comfort, making sure that the temperature is right and that dampness is not causing a problem.

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