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Types of Roman Shades


Roman shades are still the pieces to beat when it comes to dressing your windows perfectly. You can use them to create any theme you want in your house. They come in a variety of designs, and you have to make an informed choice. Knowing the various types of Roman shades will go a long way to make sure you get what your windows deserve. types of roman shades

Types of Roman Shades

If you are lost trying to search for Roman shades for your windows, you finally found the solution. This post will tell you all the types of these shades to keep the heat out of your home. After reading through, your decision will be a piece of cake so that you can enjoy the benefits of blinds and window coverings.

Relaxed Shades

If you need a relaxing mood in your room, these are the shades you should go for. They can be raised at the sides and allow the folds to form a fountain of beauty and are durable. When you look at them, they will be like smiling back to you. This casual look is more suitable for a kitchen, a den or, your bedroom. 

Balloon Shades

You can create a formal or casual feel with these balloon shades. However, you do not expect them to be raised and lowered like you would with other functional types. You will also spend a lot of time making sure that the balloons are in shape. For the best results, soft fabrics are used to make these shades. 

Flat Shades

Just like their simple name, flat shades will not require a lot of attention to stay neat. They are your go-to option for a laidback and an informal theme. With numerous folds, you can work around them to form different decorations. The folds are easy to develop and stay that way for a long time. 

London Shades

They take a lot from the relaxed shades except for the pleats creating a tail on each side. They are perfect for a casual theme and make an excellent fit for the bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. To get the shade in shape, you will take some time. Therefore, it is logical to have them in a room where you will not be lowering or raising them every now and then. 

Hobbled Shades

For a bold statement about fashion for your windows, you cannot go wrong with hobbled shades. They have mild falls that form an idyllic view. You can fold them up to your unique styling. With them, you cannot resist the temptation to look at your window. 

Banded & Greek Key Shades

It is a combination of smooth trimming and ribbon décor that places these shades ahead of the rest. They are the choice you should make if you are looking for a beautiful aura. You can band as many as three shades together. This is yet another decorative twist of these shades, and you get a beautiful contrasting. 

Bottom Line 

When it is about giving your windows the appearance they deserve, Roman shades are the way to go. You not only get a variety, but also customizable designs. When you go over the types of Roman shades, you will definitely find a good match for your preferences.