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Single Sink vs Double Sink Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most crucial parts of any home. It is the place where hygiene starts and ends. Therefore, you should make sure that your bathroom is always in the best condition. In those considerations, you may also have to decide between a single sink vs double sink bathroom. 

Single Sink vs Double Sink Bathroom


Currently remodeling your bathroom in your home? You may have your shower walls selected, but what about your vanity options? This post compares the single and double sink bathroom. It will define both types of sinks. It will also focus on the pros and cons of each option. Moreover, you will get to know the choice that is best for your home. 

Single Sink vs Double Sink Bathroom

Single Sink Bathroom


It is a cabinet with only one sink installation. The sink size could be anything between 16 to 72 inches. You can have the sink mounted onto a wall or freestanding, depending on the set up of your house.


Pros of single sink bathroom:


  • Easy installation: People who go for this option are mainly attracted by this pro. You only have a single sink and faucet to install. It takes less time and obviously will cost less. 


  • You are left with more space on the counter: one sink means there is a lot of space left on the counter. You can keep stuff like brushes, toothpaste, and bathroom utilities. Who doesn’t want some extra space in the bathroom? 


  • Perfect for a small bathroom: Again, you may not have that much space in your bathroom. With one sink, you will have more space to keep your things. It is a way of creating the illusion of space in your tiny bathroom.


Cons of single sink bathroom:


If you have a large bathroom, a single sink may not be the best choice. You will be left with a lot of space, and it may look awkward. 


Double Sink Bathroom

Single Sink vs Double Sink Bathroom

On the countertop, you will be having two sinks. It also means you will have two faucets. When installing the sinks, you have to be keen on space. Typically, one of the sinks is smaller than the other. It starts at 48 inches while the bigger one can go as high as the available space can allow. You can also hire a professional if you do not want to do this yourself. 


Pros for double sink bathroom:


  • Reduction of clutter: since you are not having much space left on the counter, there will be no clutter around the sink. It will look neat and organized every time you use the sink. 


  • Two people can use the sink space at the same time: with two sinks, no one has to wait for the other to finish brushing. You can use them consecutively. After all, when you share you are caring for each other. 


Cons of double sink bathroom:


  • More plumbing costs: you will invest in two sinks, and the costs for plumbing and materials will come in two ways. 


  • Less space on the counter: it is ironic, but if you need more space on the countertop, doubles sinks will leave you none of it. 


If you were stuck deciding on a single sink vs double sink bathroom, now you know what each means. As you make your choice, consider the available space as well as the costs.