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Types of Kitchen Cabinets Styles


The cabinets you choose for your kitchen will make a huge impact on how your kitchen looks overall. And it goes without saying that the kitchen, in today’s modern home, is the focal point of your home. From contemporary to traditional to rustic, there’s a style out there for any kitchen design. Here are some types of kitchen cabinet styles to consider for your kitchen.

Types of Kitchen Cabinets Styles


Traditional cabinets typically feature more detail, such as bead-board designs and raised-panel doors. They come in a wide range of colors from creams and clean whites to tans, reds and other wooden colors. Inset recessed doors, where the doors and the frame are set flush and frame around doors, are also a popular feature in traditional style cabinets.


These cabinets feature clean, simple and functional designs. You’ll typically find natural Types of Kitchen Cabinets Styleswood finishes, rail-framed, flat panel doors and neutral paint hues such as gray or white. Their casual and classical look make them a popular cabinet style option in today’s kitchens. They also work well with any kitchen style, whether contemporary or traditional.


These types of cabinets often feature large cabinets and lots of wood in warm colors and interesting character and detail. They reflect a mountain or country lifestyle often being left to stay rugged or matt to give the authentic feel of wood. Wrought iron hardware and rubber brass will be often be used and glossy stain finishes avoided to complement the cabinet style.


Contemporary cabinets are generally minimalist, featuring simple hardware and flat surfaces to give the kitchen a clean look. This cabinet style is a great choice for small kitchens as it allows for the use of taller cabinets in areas lacking horizontal space. The Material used are often manufactured such as concrete, metal, glass, plastic or manufactured wood.


Slab cabinets lend themselves to contemporary kitchen design, but they present an even more modern look. This style is simple and has a low maintenance appeal. Slab cabinets are also relatively inexpensive to make since all they need is materials and labor. They’re also easy to clean as there are no nooks and crannies or corners for dust and spills to collect.


These cabinets are designed to give off a timeless, cozy and down-to-earth vibe. Like traditional style cabinets, they come in bead-board, raised-panel, and other decorative variations. Most country cabinets are made of wood and painted doors in colors such as pale green, yellow, mint green, cream, and pale blue. This is a style that will not be on the listen of kitchen trends to avoid. 


The craftsman style originated in the 1800s, inspired by the mass-produced and overly decorative furniture of the time. This style is defined by quality construction, minimal ornamentation, and straight lines. Craftsman cabinets are typically made from heavy woods such as maple, hickory, oak; and they’re often left unpainted to emphasize the natural wooden state.

Bottom Line

Other popular types of kitchen cabinet style include Glass-Front, Louvered, and Open Shelving, among others that can improve your home overall. The trick with choosing a style is to go for something that accentuates the overall theme and style of your home’s interior and décor.