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Types of Windows for Sunrooms 


Are you having trouble settling for the most appropriate type of sunroom window for your patio? The search is not always easy. Why? It is because there are many types of windows for sunrooms to make your choice.  

Types of Windows for Sunrooms 

Luckily, this article is reviewing the varieties of sunroom windows and factors to consider when choosing them. Read on to get enlightened on sunroom windows. 

What to Consider

Purpose of RoomTypes of Windows for Sunrooms 

Before replacing your window and choosing the type of window, consider what purpose you want the room to serve. You could use the room for studying, hosting social gatherings, indoor gardens, or as a home office.

 Climatic Conditions in Your Region

You should give a thought to the climate of your area, and the direction which the sunroom window faces. When choosing a window, you should also consider which time of the year you will be using the window. 

 For traditional sunrooms, the following window types may tickle your curiosity. 

  • Hinged Windows: there are two main types of hinged windows. There are casement and awning types. Awning types have the hinges on the top, thus preventing the entry of rainwater while allowing hot air to leave the room. Casement types open from the sides, and they allow a breeze to blow into the room. 
  • Sliding Windows: if you are looking for energy-efficient sunroom windows, sliding windows will not disappoint you. You will get them in a range of color shades and styles. You can choose colors that match perfectly with your home décor. 

Windows slide horizontally. This attribute makes it a right choice because it allows you to use your space freely. The horizontal slide still gives you a full view of the outdoors. 

  • Bay and Bow Windows: if you are a lover of expansive outdoor views and the sunlight, then this would be the best option for you. It is also a great choice if you plan to use the room for reading or as a dining area. The Bay and bow window is built to extend from the sunroom. 
  • Fixed Windows: if you live in icy places, fixed windows may be your ideal option. They don’t open at all, and they are heavily insulated. They will leave your house feeling warmer. 
  • Double Hung Windows: these windows are an ideal option for any homeowner. They are easy to clean and perfect ventilation. 

Types of Window Glasses

Choosing window glasses is as crucial as choosing window types. Glass types influence the types of the entire window. Glass types for sunrooms are as follows:

  • Single-glazed – this is the basic sunglass that has little insulation. It offers little protection from UV light. 
  • Double-glazed – This glass is made up of two layers, with gas in between them. The layer of gas offers maximum insulation, especially from UV light. The gas used in between the layers is argon. Argon is six times denser than air. 
  • Triple-glazed – This is the most expensive of the three types. It, however, has the best heat loss preventing properties. It is your ideal glass if you live in a frigid region. 

A vital factor to consider while choosing glass is the ability to keep your room warm in winter and cool in summer.

Bottom Line

There are many choices when it comes to new sunroom windows and glasses. You may be overwhelmed when it comes to settling for the most appropriate type. The guide above will be useful while you sample types of windows for sunrooms. Be sure to choose a window and glass type suitable for your sunroom.