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Unusual Flooring Ideas – Six Cool Styles for Your Home


Flooring plays essential part in determining the overall style in your living space. If you take pride in being unique and want to reflect your personality throughout your home, here are a few unusual flooring ideas for inspiration.

Unusual Flooring Ideas

  1. Mosaics

Black and white patterned or white-only mosaics are an impressive flooring option for your new home. There is a variety of shapes available, including chevron, herringbone, small squares, and subway tiles. You can use the same white marble tiles throughout yourUnusual Flooring Ideas bathroom or mix it up with shapes on the shower area or walls to create a unique look. This also keeps the whole space bright and light while delivering visual intrigue with the textures and shapes.

  1. Wood-looking Tiles

While tile is a popular flooring option in many households, those tiles which resemble wood can bring a touch of distinctiveness to your home. The wood-looking planks come in different colors and styles, and most of them look super realistic. The most popular tones are white, gray, and cool hues. However, you can mix and match to show off your personality.

  1. Large-sized Tiles

Many homeowners don’t choose large-sized tiles because they can’t be more expensive and hard to install. However, this unusual option can bring greater continuity and uniformity to your finished spaces. Also, it allows for minimized joints and easier handling for hygienic and aesthetic benefits. Holtzman Home Improvement suggests to keep in mind selecting products with a slim surface, so that you can apply them directly on the existing surface.

  1. Bold Colors and Contrasting Perimeters

While a “picture frame” style is nothing new, it is still a unique idea thanks to the ability to offer a clean finish and hide the end of a deck board. To highlight the look, you can use complementing yet contrasting colors. For example, choosing a dark tone for the contrasting border can make the entire area stand out.

  1. Eco-friendly Cork

Cork flooring is a great flooring option for the basement because it can look natural and is sustainable. More importantly, this type of material is soft underfoot and can hide dirt thanks to its natural color differences. During the winter, cork fabrics might be a good insulator as it can absorb heat to warm your feet.

  1. Self-adhesive Carpet Tile

If you enjoy the warmth and comfort of carpets but don’t want the hassles of wall-to-wall installation, then self-adhesive tiles can be a good option. They do not require an underneath path and simple for most homeowners to install on their own. Also, you can easily apply it directly to dry, clean concrete.

To add your touch of personality, consider mixing and matching different colors and patterns. For example, you can lay down orange and cream parts to have a chevron pattern which can play up the vibrant color scheme in your room. Also, choose a larger size as mentioned earlier to have a bold floor design with added benefits. Unusual flooring ideas are a great way to change the look of your home.