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What are the Easiest Window Treatments to Clean?


Although dirty shades might represent a disaster in your home, learning how to clean blinds easily will help you realize that it is not the end of the world. Whether you plan to clean your current blinds, or you are already thinking about replacing your window blinds with brand new ones, these easy clean blinds methods will save you plenty of time. However, these methods vary according to the category of blinds or curtains. So, what are window treatments available, and what are the easiest window treatments to clean? Continue reading to discover window treatments and easy curtains cleaning methods!

What Are the Easiest Window Treatments to Clean
What Are the Easiest Window Treatments to Clean

Different Window Treatments to Choose From

Easy Clean Blinds

Unfortunately, dust tends to pile up for a long time in most traditional blinds, due to their horizontal slats. Although blinds might seem impossible to scrub-down, there are some exceptions that are easier to clean. So, when it comes to blinds, what are the easiest window treatments to clean? If you get these easy-to-clean window treatments, you will save time and be able to coordinate your blinds with your home!

Vertical Blinds

Fortunately, several types of vertical blinds do not allow dust to accumulate. The easiest way to clean blinds only requires a lint roller or a vacuum cleaner, and a damp cloth if your blinds are made of vinyl.

Faux Wood

If your blinds are made of faux wood, you do not even need to learn how to clean wood blinds easily, as this type of material makes it even less difficult as it does not need to be polished nor treated in a special way. By just adjusting the slats to clean both sides of the blind, you can simply dust them with a sock or a vacuum brush.

Easy Clean Blinds
Easy Clean Blinds


Shades are the perfect easy-to-clean window treatments, as they do not hold dust, especially if they are anti-static. What are the easiest window treatments to clean when it comes to shades? Continue reading to find it out!

Cellular Shades

Not only are cellular shades among the best window treatments for living rooms, but they are also easy to clean. All you need to clean cellular shades are a vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer. Due to their honeycomb design, it is more difficult for them to catch dust, which will allow you to wait longer to clean them.

Roller Shades

These shades are great for people who suffer from allergies. They only require occasional dusting, as their vertical surfaces do not allow dust to accumulate easily.

How to Clean Blinds Easily
How to Clean Blinds Easily


While you can notice when shades and blinds need cleaning, drapes are quite good at masking blemishes. We suggest cleaning them every few months due to how complicated it is to tell if your drapes are getting too dirty. To remove grime, steam cleaning is usually enough, and mild soap and warm water will do the work if any spots are present.