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What is a Double Hung Window vs Single Hung


Windows are crucial parts of your home. They not only showcase your personal style but also contribute to your curb appeal. Whatever window style you choose, it will have an overall impact on your curb appeal. As you make your choice, knowing what is a double hung window vs single hung will help you. 

What is a Double Hung Window vs Single Hung


Preparing for a window installation? Don’t know what types of windows to choose? In this post, you will learn about the most basic window types. You will also learn about the process of choosing one over the other. Most importantly, you will know the differences What is a Double Hung Window vs Single Hungbetween the two. Read on and get acquainted with window styles that are appropriate for your house. 


Comparison between single hung and double hung


A single hung window has its top in a fixed position. However, its bottom sash can move as desired. In some instances, this type of window allows you to add a geo feature on the top sash. It is a decorative shape, but it is not on all windows. 


For double hung windows, both the bottom and top sashes are movable. You can operate them up and down as you want. This is the perfect type of window for a sunroom


Slider windows


If you go with this window style, both the lower and upper sashes are movable. They will run on a horizontal track when you open or close. It is the type of window you should go with if the window’s width is longer than its height. What is a Double Hung Window vs Single Hung


Casement windows


A casement window is attached to one side with hinges. You swing the sash outward to open it and swing it in the opposite direction when you close. Some of them come with a crank feature with a folding handle. You will also notice that they have multiple locking points. 


Picture windows


These windows are static both at the top and bottom. Expert window contractors say they are permanently fixed and does not move an inch. They are used to fill up huge structural gaps. They give someone a great view from the inside and are more preferred for living rooms. They increase natural light and circulation of air. 


Choose a window that makes cleaning easy


As you choose your window style, keep in mind that they will need cleaning. It is the double hung style that will give you easy cleaning time. Both their sashes are operable to give a better cleaning angle. In this case, it is the slider window that ranks top when it comes to ease of cleaning. Casement windows will also not give you a hard time. They open wide to provide you with an exterior view of the entire window. 


The best style for air filtration


It is the picture window that offers the best option for energy consumption. It is because they do not open; thus, no air is coming from outside. Another great option is the casement window. Its locking system makes sure no air penetrates your houses. 


If you are replacing your windows, consider all of the information mentioned in this article. Do you now have your answer for what is a double hung window vs single hung? It should now be an easy decision from here. Go for what fits into your home and adds value to your property.