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Why Does Tap Water Taste Bad? – What You Need To Know


Why Does Tap Water Taste Bad? This is one question asked by almost every homeowner. Sometimes, tap water may have an awful smell that makes you unwilling to drink or bathe in it. This smell is more pronounced in some regions more than others. Here are some causes of the bad taste in water.

Why Does Tap Water Taste Bad?

Accumulation of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

A bad taste in tap water can be caused by a higher-than-normal accumulation of hydrogen sulfide gas. There are quite some reasons why this hydrogen sulfide builds up: The buildup can be as a result of sulfur bacteria, which comes from impurities that are washed into the water by rainwater.

Your Water Heater

Why Does Tap Water Taste Bad

The taste can also be as a result of a chemical reaction which takes place in your water heater. It’s important to know what is exactly causing the problem since we have different methods of curbing the problem depending on the cause.


Since your water comes from the city’s treatment plant, their chances that the bad taste comes as a result of chemicals used to treat the water. These chemicals are used to eliminate several water pollutants which include fertilizers, animal waste, pesticides, and other toxic organic compounds.


Sometimes, water is exposed to a magnitude of bacteria and germs. These germs not only affect the taste of your water but also increase the chances of you falling sick.

Dissolved Minerals

Even after water is purified at the city plant, water from your tap can still have dissolved minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, and more. These dissolved minerals may negatively impact the taste of your drinking water in several ways. These minerals can also make your water to smell bad or discolor.

To know the root cause of the bad taste, you need to perform a simple procedure to check what’s causing the bad taste:

  1. Begin with pouring yourself a glass of cold water directly from the tap and tasting it; then repeat with a glass of hot water.
  2. If you realize that it’s only the hot water that’s tasting bad, the chances are that your water heater causes the bad taste in your water.
  3. If the cold tap water tastes bad, then the cause is most likely your well or your city’s water distribution center.
  4. Once you’ve identified what’s causing the lousy sulfur taste, you can take the recommended steps depending on the cause of your problem. These include contacting your city’s water distribution center, hiring experts to check your well, or replacing your water heater

You can also add drops of lemon or orange juice to make it taste better. However, these are not permanent solutions to this problem. The permanent solution is installing a water purifier to get rid of the excess chlorine and contaminants which give your tap water that foul taste. An active carbon block water purifier can remove any contaminants found in water, leaving the water pure and tasty.

There are a plethora of reasons why tap water tastes bad. However, installing a water purifier may be the solution to all of your problems.