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New Carpet Care Tips – Keep Your Carpet Looking New


Carpets come in a wide variety of materials, colors, styles and textures. They are a flooring favorite among many homeowners because they have several advantages over other flooring options. A carpet can add warmth, texture, color and pattern to any room. Protecting your carpet from spills and stains, dirt, and daily wear and tear can help to prolong your carpet’s style. Here are a few new carpet care tips to bear in mind.

New Carpet CareNew Carpet Care Tips Tips 

Some new carpet care tips include avoid carpeting high traffic areas, wiping your feet, vacuuming your carpet regularly and many more. 


  • Avoid Carpeting High Traffic Areas


When deciding the areas of your home that need to be carpeted, it’s important to consider areas that have the most foot traffic. If possible, avoid carpeting areas with high traffic such as front door entryways. Carpets are great for bedrooms, living rooms and dens as they’re cozy and warm. However, they may not be the best flooring option for front door entryways as mud and dirt are often present in these areas.


  • Wipe Your Feet


Try and ask anyone entering your home to wipe their feet and take off their shoes. This helps to minimize any mud and dirt coming in contact with your carpet. Consider placing indoor and outdoor doormats at each entryway to help reduce the amount of tracked-in dirt.

It also helps to get into the habit of taking off your shoes to reduce the amount of dirt that eventually gets into your home and carpet. One of the best ways to remind your guests to take their shoes off is to keep a shoe rack by the front door.


  • Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly


No matter how vigilant you are in keeping your carpet clean, dirt will eventually get to your carpet. This explains why vacuuming your carpet regularly is one of the most important steps in maintaining your carpet and extending its useful life. In addition to getting rid of dirt and crumbs, vacuuming also helps to remove allergens and minimizes the effects of foot traffic and makes your carpet look better.


  • Protect Your Carpet


In addition to vacuuming your carpet regularly, you want to apply some sort of carpet protector spray, especially after a professional cleaning. It’s also important to get into the habit of re-applying carpet protectors on a regular basis. 

Before applying any protector, test it on a small inconspicuous area of the carpet just to confirm that it won’t damage the carpet fibers or change the colors. Also look into ways on how you can revive your carpet so that it won’t stay damaged.

It’s also a good idea to keep a steam cleaner on hand so that you can clean any messes up on hand.


  • Remove Spots and Stains as Soon as they Appear


Spilling on or staining your carpet is almost inevitable. The key to getting rid of carpet stains to remove them as quickly as possible. Blot the stain and avoid rubbing. Rubbing the stain can set it permanently or wear the fabric. You can also look into different carpet cleaning methods depending on what the stain is and what kind of carpet you have. 

Bottom Line

These new carpet care tips should help you maintain a clean and fresh carpet all year long. However, it’s also crucial that you hire professional cleaners to clean your carpet thoroughly from time to time. Hiring a pro to deep clean your carpet will maintain the quality and extend the life of your carpet.