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At PHX Cave Creek Interior Design, each idea, concept and project is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim: to showcase the clients taste by using extraordinary craftsmanship talents and abilities to create a picture-perfect remodel. Our boutique firm has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the East Valley, and know exactly how to move quick to deliver clients a project that maximizes their budget and transform their space to match their lifestyle.

PHXID has a proven track record for excellence and client satisfaction. Our focus on detail makes us capable to collaborate with even the most demanding clients. Whether you need interior renovation and remodeling or undergoing a new construction build - our Cave Creek interior design firm has turnkey solutions unique to each client.

You Deserve the Best Cave Creek Interior Design Talent & Service

  • How long does it take to estimate the design plan or the scheme service?
    Once the initial consultation has happened, it would take not more than 2 weeks for the final estimation of the design plan.
  • What is the average spending on furniture, art and associated accessories for a room?
    It depends on your preference. We design in such a way so that even the tiniest detail is included. The focus is on the attempt to ensure that every essential piece like rugs, seating and the various design accents is accommodated within the budget set by you. The aim is to thrill you with the design plans.
  • What is the provision for extra help in case of additional odds and ends?
    It would be a pleasure to offer extra design services apart from the scope of the project. In that case, an hourly charge will apply once you confirm. Just share your ideas, and we will work something out for you.
  • How will it be managed if an item is unavailable at the time of confirmation?
    The best option is to try and make the purchase as early as possible. Retailers usually cycle products on a seasonal basis. Therefore, certain accessories may go out of stock with changing seasons. The design team will be happy to offer suitable alternation with 30 days (max) of the design presentation in case an item is unavailable.
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Cave Creek Home Improvement Remodeling / Renovations

Every compliment constitutes a perfect example of design and character.

  • What is the first step of a Remodel or Renovation Project?
    It all begins with an initial consultation. A meet + greet with our warm-welcoming but fun team of lead designers and decorators. The meeting is done on-site as much as possible. The objective is to learn in detail as much as possible about the project space and clientele.
  • How much will it cost to hire PHX Cave Creek Interior Design?
    The cost's range is determined by the work that needs to be done. We make sure there's a well-defined project process in place with estimated timelines so it can be executed efficiently at lower costs.
  • When to enlist a designer?
    The earliest possible. It's better to finalize the initial vision. It's best to have as much time as possible to get the project scheduled and spearheaded by one of our lead designers. Lead times for furniture, appliances, materials, and permitting is months out. So even if your project is timeline for the upcoming year, always best to start sooner than later.
  • How much time is needed for the re-modeling design process?
    It depends on the size and scope of work. Post the initial consultation; a proposal is forwarded outlining the work and time estimate.
    Furniture can be expected within 8+ weeks (online requests) and quick shipment can be as soon as 2 - 6 weeks.
  • Any scope of referring to a competent architect / painter / contractor?
    Of course. We have a long-standing relationship with various professionals.
  • I'm looking to move, do you help with buying/selling homes?
    Even though we do not offer realtor services, our friends at We Buy Houses Arizona is a cash home buyer in Arizona, and Realtor 1 can help with traditional real estate services in Maricopa.
  • Why hire an independent interior designer in Cave Creek?
    As an all-in-one company, we offer start-to-finish services that can help in a 2nd opinion consultation. PHX Interior Designers in Cave Creek would be able to help in concept design, space planning, elevations, decorating, lighting, etc. - nearly everything of a new or existing build.

Interior Designer vs Architect

What's the difference between an interior designer and an architect?


  1. Site Plan
  2. Window and Door Schedule
  3. Life Safety Aspects
  4. Exterior Elevations
  5. Energy Calculations
  6. Permitting
  7. Building Sections

Interior designer:

  1. Elevations
  2. Interior Renovation Designs
  3. Paint and Wall Coverings
  4. Furniture Selections
  5. Project Installation
  6. Window Treatments
  7. Custom Design
  8. Lighting & Fixture Selection
  9. Design Custom Furniture
  10. Material Selection
  11. Interior Renovation