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"I always put in one controversial item, it makes people talk" - Dorothy Draper

At Phoenix Interior Design, each idea, concept and project is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim: to showcase the clients taste by using extraordinary craftsmanship talents and abilities to create a picture-perfect remodel. Our boutique firm has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Valley, and know exactly how to move quick to deliver clients a project that maximizes their budget and space while hitting milestones.

To existing clients, PHX I.D. (home designers Phoenix AZ) represents a gold standard of excellence in the Home Remodeling scene in Phoenix. Attention to detail and capable of collaborating with even the most demanding clients in a nonchalant and fun atmosphere is how we provide members with unmatched five-star service. Whether you need a space refresh for an existing home or in new construction renovation negotiations, our team handles it all at any stage.

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Bedroom Remodeling

Bedroom Remodeling

Get the relaxing retreat feel without compromising high-style.

Your bedroom is what you make of it - so make it magical. Our designers have seen it all and compelled some of the most rustic to luxurious bedroom getaway style remodels. Bring your ideas and we bring the planning together by offering deccor and material treatments that will suit any vogue style.

But that's just the beginning, challenge us to create the bedroom of your dreams, whether your ideal bedroom style is a luxurious intimate penthouse for two or a nonchalant fairytale that guarantees comfort and a mental-spa retreat sensation.

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Custom Home Theater

Custom Media Centers

Our simple and elegance does not compromise the art of sound and technology.

Technology can be viewed as complicated but we make it simple and seamless into any award winning / contemporary interior remodel. Whether you are seeking a full integrated system that brings the best of the best in musical and cinematic experiences or a way to listen to music throughout the entire house so that you can put life on hold, and just enjoy the moment you are in.

Time is the biggest luxury we get and technology can help you free up some of that time. So why not have a system that effortlessly puts your life on hold why you hear the nuances and perspectives in music and immerse yourself around the different instruments that are playing. Our media centers can deliver sound just as beautiful and powerful as the remodel design making it both seamless and surprising.

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Home Remodeling Phoenix
"Home is not a place it's a feeling."
Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Unique and exclusive kitchens dedicated to people who want the best.

Rustic to unique modern concepts that suites the clients vision and lifestyle. PHX ID is synonymous with elegance, style and constant kitchen design innovation that puts a smile on any professional chef and the most demanding clientele. The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, whether you seek from the most classic style to the most contemporary with modern esthetics.

When designing a classic kitchen, it is essential to focus on precious or re-purposed woods with some type of accenting top such as marble, quartz or granite. Carvings, corbels, pilasters made meticulously by hand make each kitchen that much more unique and fascinating. We are experts and we are here to make your home spectacular.

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Remodeling Phoenix AZ

Interior Remodeling

Every compliment constitutes a perfect example of design and character.

Rest assured, our Phoenix designers will go to any length to guarantee your happiness. With countless ways to entertain loved ones or capture a design that is perfect for one. Our exclusive and insightful service provides privileged clients with the best possible experience to remodel/renovate or set milestone plans to a new construction.

Reflecting the grandeur of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix central corrido , our excellent reputation puts our designers and interior design firms to uniquely deliver compelling architecture and interior design styles. Cooperating directly with a catalog supply of vendors, we design spaces that not just look good but also compliments our client's lifestyle.

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Closet Remodeling Phoenix

Closet Remodeling

"I like my money right where I can see it...hanging in my closet" - Carrie Bradshaw

Closets can be a make-or-break for homebuyers but anything can be upgraded with a little bit of TLC. Choose between a modern walk-in closet that truly boasts organization and a fashion wardrobe or a space-saving design with hinged or sliding doors. Our team is capable of creating a perfect space that is just right for you.

With a limitless array of options to suite your exact needs, you will have a blast being side by side with our designers as both parties have fun designing and conceptualizing your dream closet.Space planning is our cup of tea, so you can rest assure final installations will fit together in perfect harmony. With so many satisfied clients

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Home Improvement Phoenix AZ
"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort."
Bathroom Remodel Contractors Phoenix

Bathroom Remodeling

Serenity is happiness in a long hot bubble bath. Capture - Serenity Today

Bathroom concepts are unique to an individual. No two bathrooms are the same and at PHX Interior Design (Phoenix Interior Design Firm), we specialize in the creation of exclusive styles coupling elegance, nobility and serenity. Capable of showcasing catalogs of excellently finished bathrooms, together we hand-pick color, textures, lighting and finishing materials that bring a space professionally together.

Investing in a midrange Phoenix bathroom remodel yields an estimated 66% return according to Hanley Wood's Bathroom Remodeling Cost vs Value - 2016 National Averages. We are richly up-to-date with the latest trends in water features and space creativity embodying the functionality and aesthetics of perfection that fit your unique lifestyle and needs. Our interior designers Phoenix AZ goes beyond functionality and looks.

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PHX Interior Design Firms in Arizona

The cornerstone of our philosophy is to give each client a feeling of comfort when rendering a 3D design before committing to their renovation project. We have a solid list of clientele that name us the best as interior designers Phoenix, interior decorator Phoenix, interior designer Scottsdale AZ and interior designer Phoenix. If you have are seeking a home improvement, interior decorator Phoenix and a home improvement contractor, we have you covered. As we expand our design services, we eagerly look for professionals that share the same passion as us, feel free to reach out to us for interior design jobs Phoenix.

With a select team of passionate Phoenix interior designers and a background of architecture, we offer a service level that you deserve - Exclusively The Best! Our passion resonates in each project and simply erases the line between: My Dream Home & My Home.

Arizona Interior Decorators & Home Designers

Luxury means a promise of quality and our space designs not only look good but are awe-inspiring. With all spaces being different, our ability to look into the future of architecture and design, cleverly serves our clients that seek modern and contemporary. For those on the left side, we grasp the classic, traditional and time-honoured rustic renovations and decor for those needing a slice of the past. Combine these two and you will fall in love with a modern rustic home that embraces rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities that fall perfectly into place between raw wood, naked stones and monochromatic spaces. We Are Purveyors of Fine Living - Stayed tuned for more.