Water stains are quite common in the places where the water is used regularly. So, if you have to water stains on the stainless steel sink, do not worry as it is quite common. Are you worried about how to prevent water spots on stainless steel sink? Well, the only way to prevent it is by removing those stains regularly and do not let the stains to stay in. This can prove to be bad as once the stains get too intense, it can be difficult to remove.

How to Prevent Water Spots on Stainless Steel Sink 

Do you have a messy home? Looking for kitchen cleaning tips? We are here to tell you about some of the important and efficient steps that you can follow to remove water stains from the sink. This way, you can also prevent the sports from the stainless steel sink. Read on to know how to remove those stains.

Method 1:  Vinegar/Lemon Juice

How to Prevent Water Spots on Stainless Steel Sink
How to Prevent Water Spots on Stainless Steel Sink

This first method is all about using vinegar or you can also use the lemon juice if you want. Both the lemon juice and vinegar are quite acidic in nature. So, you can use them interchangeably. Along with that you will need baking soda. Here are the steps that you have to follow:

  • Spray some of the white distilled vinegar or lemon juice throughout the sink. Do not miss the outer sides of the sink. It is important to spray the vinegar all over the sink and let it sit for around 5 minutes so that it can do its magic.
  • The acidic reaction can break down the hard water stains effectively. Once it is done, sprinkle a bit of baking soda all over the sink. This can fizz a little bit.
  • Take a cloth or a soft sponge and scrub the sink properly. This will help you to remove the spots perfectly. 
  • Repeat the steps if needed

Method 2: Olive Oil

Expert home cleaners say if the stains have buildup a lot and have become quite stubborn

How to Prevent Water Spots on Stainless Steel Sink
How to Prevent Water Spots on Stainless Steel Sink

in nature, then you will need a stronger ingredient than vinegar or lemon juice. The best thing that you can use in this case is olive oil. Follow these steps to remove the water stains with the help of olive oil:

  • First you have to fold a paper towel and take a bit of olive oil to the paper towel. Now, you have to squish it around so that it is soaked completely in the paper towel.
  • Start from left to right for wiping the entire sink with the paper towel. This will help in removing the water spots from your sink.
  • Once it is done, your sink will become as clean and sparkly like the new one. 

Last Words

If you have a household cleaning checklist, make sure you include removing water stains from your sink. These are the two most effective methods that you can choose if you are wondering about how to prevent water spots on stainless steel sink. Both the methods are quite effective in nature but they both are perfect for different situations. For regular cleaning, vinegar is ideal but for cleaning the stain buildup, you will need the help of olive oil. Both will help to make your stainless steel look gorgeous and clean again.

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