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Different Types of Closets – What are the Differences?


What type of closet should you choose for your space? It does not have to be difficult deciding what to use as long as you know what you need. There are certain factors to keep in mind to help you choose the right closet for you. They include design, available space, and your style. Closets come in different designs for you to choose. The amount of space you have in your home will help determine the size of the closet you choose. Below are the different types of closets to consider having in your house.

Different Types of Closets

Walk-InDifferent Types of Closets

A walk-in closet is spacious and large. This type of closet is a room on its own. It allows you to organize your clothes, shoes, and accessories to increase visibility. You are able to see everything you need without searching through a pile of clothes. However, if you have a rather small space, a walk-in closet is not for you. It will take up space meant for other things.


With a reach-in closet, you have all the storage space you need, but it does not need much space as is the case with walk-ins. It is great for bedrooms and corridors and features closet organizers and shelving. A reach-in design is super flexible. In it, you can add poles, racks, drawers, and compartments to provide you neat organization. After picking what you need, you close the door to give your space a neat appearance.

Do not underestimate how roomy a reach-in closet can be. Be creative and utilize those corners. Try changing how you position your accessories and clothes; the shelving provides extra space. Have an open mind and maximize on the space this type of closet offers you.


As you read about different types of closets, wardrobes are the smallest of the types. However, they can still be functional. If you have a small space and you need a closet that does not take up much room, go for a wardrobe. Usually, you can add poles, baskets, and racks in it to create more room for your items. Wardrobes are available in various designs and price ranges. You can be sure of finding something that matches your preferences and which fits in your budget.

Bottom Line

By now, you already know the kind of closet you need. The different types of closets typically fall in three categories: walk-in, reach-in and wardrobes. Perhaps your home has different spaces from small to large. You can buy all the three types of closets to suit each space.