Danish Design Interiors | Scandinavian Interior Design

Danish design has always been appraised for its simplicity in architecture and furniture. We build on this sharp interior design tradition to our clients' home.

Danish Design Interiors

We offer a wide range of design services. Our goal is to bring about the soul and idea of our client within the home – creating powerful visuals and uniqueness through creative design.

At PHX ID, we view our clients as partners – together committed to creating unique visual identities and a great space.

Danish Interior Design

Danish Design Visual Branding – The Power of Image

A successful visual identity is generally based on two aspects: Form and function. How does it look and how does it work! Aesthetics and usability are important criteria for a home design’s success.

PHX ID offers extensive full-service drafting services, design solutions as well as single design elements – from idea to the finished product. Every project is tailor-made to the client’s specific project.

Face-lift and update of an existing home
Every home in its lifetime will be confronted with a need to revise its curb appeal, interior design and outdoor living.

Alliance flooring installers in Glendale mention in their interview that a lot of natural materials are becoming popular such as concrete and natural stones finishes. Their expansion in concrete polishing services has backed this observation as the company has upgraded all their concrete honing and staining equipment.

Design Development of a new construction build
This is where our client’s need is to start from scratch – from a total, full-service solution on all levels to a single design element, as decor or a furniture product packaging design.

Optimizing the use of an existing design
Development of a coherent design ensures consistency throughout the home, pushes the practical use of design elements such as art and furniture pieces.

Scandavian Interior Design

We take pride in having our designs mimic the proven and long history of Danish design. As far back as in the middle of the last century, Danish design was a wide spread and world renowned design tradition due to its unique combination of form and function.

Danish design has always been appraised for its simplicity and clear shapes – in architecture, furniture, and industrial.

We build on this tradition, enabling us to bring this special, sharp approach to our clients’ use – giving you a completely unique and highly effective home danish design. Our designs can be seen across Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Let’s start with a meet + greet! We are a full-service interior design firm that designs and crafts unique interiors above the rest.