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How does a Wheelbarrow Work? – Compound Machines


Is A Wheelbarrow a Simple MachineA wheelbarrow is simple equipment that is used to carry goods from one place to another while using less force. Simply Dump It states that it helps to make the work easier and faster because it carries a larger load with less effort. It uses two simple machines: the wheel and axle, and the lever to make the process of carrying heavy loads easier. But how do all of these machines come together and how does a wheelbarrow work?

Our team members will go over the components of a wheelbarrow and why you should invest in one for your home for DIY projects around the house.

Compound Machines

A wheelbarrow actually uses more than one simple machine to reduce time and effort needed to conduct a certain task. The fact that it uses more than one machine makes it a compound machine. A compound machine, like the corkscrew and the wheelbarrow, contains two machines. Others like bicycles, contain more than two machines. The large the vehicle is, the more machines it will require which can range all the way up to thousands.

How does a Wheelbarrow Work?

A wheelbarrow is a compound machine that is popularly used to carry heavy loads. It has two simple machines, the wheel and axle and the lever that helps to make the load lighter and simpler to move around. When you pick up the handle of the wheelbarrow and raise it, you are actually applying effort to the lever. When you apply force to the lever, the wheel will start rolling. The axle on the other hand, will increase the force — making it easier to push the load. This enables the wheelbarrow to carry heavier loads and move easily from one place to another.

Components of The Wheelbarrow

The Levers

Levers on a wheelbarrow consist of effort arms, resistance arms and a fulcrum. The levers help the wheelbarrow to lift heavy loads with minimal effort. The resistance arms are located between the effort arm and the fulcrum. The effort arm of the wheelbarrow are the handles that you used to lift and push heavy loads that have been placed on the wheelbarrow. On the other hand, the whole of the barrow act as fulcrum and allows it to move up and down.

The Wheel and Axle

The wheelbarrow’s wheel is located at the fulcrum. The axle on the other hand is small and located in the center. The wheel and axle helps the wheelbarrow move smoothly without friction. This makes it easier for the user to push and pull. The wheelbarrows wheel and axle have a size ratio that matches with the amount of force applied to the axle and the distance the wheel will cover. In most cases, a wheelbarrow wheel is usually 10 times larger than the axle. As a result, when force is applied to the axle by pushing, the axle actually works 10 times harder but travels at 1/10th the distance. This means that when the wheel moves, it actually covers 10 times more distance than what the axle would have if it was traveling on the ground.

How Is A Wheelbarrow Used

Benefits of Compound Machines

Since wheelbarrows are compound machines, how does a wheelbarrow work? Compound machines tend to be more efficient than simple machines because they consist of many simple machines that work together in harmony to produce a more desirable result. The greater the number of simple machines that a compound machine has, the greater its efficiency.

Nifty pieces of equipment, and why our home designers use wheelbarrows for gardening, moving items, and even landscape decoration.