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Remodeling Bedroom Tips – Unique Ideas


Sick of living and sleeping in the same four drab walls for years? Just like other spaces in your home, a bedroom might start to feel outdated and boring after a while. Whether you are planning to have a complete remodel or freshen up the room with some unique features, it can be done efficiently and safely with proper planning. Learn some remodeling bedroom tips to make everything simpler when you’re looking to give your room a new look.

Remodeling Bedroom Tips

Remodeling Bedroom Tips

Some remodeling bedroom tips include changing up the ceiling, select subtle colors for the walls, changing up the furniture and more.

1. Focus On the Ceiling

Keep in mind that the ceiling is the 5th wall in your bedroom. Do you want to see a blank, bland surface when lying in bed? Add a soft tone or subtle pattern. Paint your ceiling a lighter version of your wall color to visually lower this part and create a feeling of intimacy and comfort.

Other options to consider include wallpapering or stenciling the ceiling, using decorative paint, or adding architectural elements. The create the ultimate luxury, a silver-leafed ceiling, a tented or canopy bed with a dressing which hangs from the top would give you warmth and sensuality while adding color, design, and texture to the ceiling.

2. Select a Subtle Color

Rather than bold primary shades, it is better to select soothing tones and restful, monochromatic color. This is simply because gentle hues such as green, lavender, or blue are often considered serene and calm. Rich jewel-toned colors help set the feeling of comfort and coziness. You can also consider topaz, deep pomegranate, or toasty brown.

3. Choose the Right Furniture

When you are planning to purchase furniture for your bedroom, always start with a measured drawing and floor plan of the space. Make sure that the furniture always fits the area. Do not go for a large, heavy dresser and bed for a small room. A tall headboard is ideal for a high ceiling to visibly reduce its size. If your room is large, select furniture which fits it as well. Put a piece of furniture or add an ottoman and chair at the end of your bed. Accessories and furniture which are too small might get lost in a spacious area.

4. Cover the Window


A beautifully-dressed window would help frame the view and offer other ways to enhance the softness, texture, pattern, and color of your bedroom. If you prefer soft curtains which can filter light, then blend transparent roller blinds to block light during the day and maintain privacy during the night. For a drapery, include opaque drapery lining or blinds to keep out sunlight if you often sleep late.

5. Include Many Lighting Options

It is a good idea to “layer” lighting throughout your bedroom. Ambient lighting can illuminate the entire space, accent light can wash the surrounding walls in soft lighting, and small lamps would focus light for studying, reading, or other activities. Set up a separate on and off switch for every light so that you would select a lighting option for a specific area.


A bedroom should be your personal sanctuary and getaway in which you can express your favorite collections, feelings, and colors. Remember these rules and tips to create a beautiful and practical space to relax yourself when you’re looking for some new remodeling bedroom tips.