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Become An Interior Designer

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To become a great interior designer, it’s best to get an interior design degree from an accredited interior design college. But a lucky shot, the right knowledge, and a bunch of talent, could make you a famous interior designer! HGTV’s Design Star is a reality show featuring interior designers who compete against each other in a series of interior design competitions. They must work under tight deadlines and respect a preset budget. Challenges also often have them incorporate unconventional items into their designs. The designer who, by the end of the season, is in first place is awarded his or her very own design show on HGTV.

There is much to learn from watching HGTV’s Design Star. The time and budget constraints mirror what is often expected of interior designers working with clients. The unconventional items or requests are also very similar to what might be requested in “real life” interior design contracts. The way each contestant handles these challenging situations is a very good indicator of their ability to create pleasing interior design ideas while keeping in mind their client’s needs, timeline and budget. It allows the audience to determine what qualities to look for in an interior designer should they wish to hire one. They should seek a qualified designer with an interior design degree from a reputable interior design college.

Being able to watch a team of designers at work also allows the audience to benefit from a variety of styles and ideas. The show’s judges, also interior designers, add perspective and depth to the contestant’s project ideas. From getting tips on how to improve a room on a small budget to understanding the possibilities and limitations of remodeling a house, Design Star is a great way of getting information on interior design, both for the casual watcher and for anyone thinking of attending interior design college.

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Obtaining an interior design degree will undoubtedly help you pursue a successful career in interior design, but the most successful interior designers know that the secret to success is to stay ahead and expose themselves to new and upcoming ideas and designs. Television shows like Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, HGTV, Design Star are the perfect opportunity to learn and start your path to become an interiord designer in Phoenix.

Whether you are thinking of going to interior design college or are already earning your degree, be sure to watch Design Star and keep your eyes and ears open for new trends in the industry.