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Different Types of Window Frames – Common Styles


Are there you feeling cold draft of air or heat entering into your house in the summer and winter season respectively? Then may be it is the right time to change your window frames. If you notice the paints of the frame are peeling, then do not wait. Start looking for the best window frame for your house. This will not only help you to save money on your energy bills but also will uplift the aesthetic value of your house. There are different types of window frames available in the market. Here are some of the best types of windows that you can install:

Different Types of Window Frames

#1: Single Hung Window

This is a very common type of window with a classic look. This frame mainly operates with the bottom sash being pulled upward. This type of window will not open outwards. This is a perfect choice of window for the small spaces. These are also easy to install and affordable. This type of window frame will match with all home designs.


#2: Two Panel Slider

This is another common type of window frame that you can choose. This window panel comes with two panels that can slide left or right for ventilation into you room. They are very easy to install, suitable for crunched outside space, low in maintenance and affordable.

Different Types of Window Frames

#3: Bay Windows

The bay windows are ideal for the ones who are looking for something different and unique for their windows. This type of window frames is slightly projected outward. They are commonly hexagonal in space. It can add a lot of space to your room. Also, this can be aesthetically more pleasing than the square or rectangular window frames. This also helps you in providing an enhanced panoramic view through it. 


#4: Bow Window Frame

It is somewhat like that of the bay window frames. But the difference is that it is not hexagonal in shape. The bow window is slightly curved form an arch shape like that of a bow. Because of this curved shape, the window is a bit larger than that of the bay window. This looks quite elegant and also gives a panoramic view. It can also add space to the interior.


#5: Garden Style Window Frame

This is another beautiful window frame type that you can choose for your house. This comes with four-sided window that can extend toward the outer side. Thus, it has the capability to capture more sunlight that is needed for the plants on the windows. This is ideal for the ones who love to have a small indoor garden. This window frame is aesthetically pleasing and architecturally durable.



So, these are some of the different types of window frames. You can choose any one of this type based on your choices and preferences. These are the types of window frames that you can install in different parts of your house. Whereas single hung window frames are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, the bay and bow window frames are perfect for living room and bedrooms. You can choose the idea type of window frame that will go perfectly with your rooms.